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Previous Year History Questions for IB (ACIO) 2017

Previous Year History Questions for IB (ACIO) 2017_40.1

Here, we are providing different questions from History for IB (ACIO).As you know not much time left in the exam of IB ACIO-2017 now. This post contains 15 Questions from History that will help you score good marks in the final exam.
Q1. The Name of Ram Prasad Bismil is associated with?
(a) Kanpur Conspiracy Case
(b) Alipore Conspiracy Case
(c) Kakori Conspiracy Case
(d) Meerut Conspiracy Case

Q2. The Cape of Good Hope was discovered by?
(a) Vasco-da-Gama 
(b) Almeida
(c) Albuquerque Diaz 
(d) Bartolomeu Dias

Q3. Who among the following had constructed the Red Fort in Delhi?
(a) Akbar 
(b) Jahangir
(c) Shahjahan 
(d) Aurangzeb
Q4. Which Mughal emperor abolished the old custom of Sizda?
(a) Akbar 
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Aurangzeb 
(d) Bahadurshah 
Q5. Which of the following is wrongly matched?
(a) Qutab Minar — Aibak and Iltutmish
(b) Adhai din ka Jhonpara — Ibrahim Lodi
(c) Alai Darwaja — Alauddin Khilji
(d) None of these
Q6. Which one of the following works of Amir Khusro deals with the military expeditions of Alauddin Khilji?
(a) Nuh Siphar 
(b) Khazain-ul-Futuh
(c) Miftah-ul-Futuh 
(d) Qiran Us Sadain
Q7. Who among the following Delhi Sultans was known for introducing market control mechanism?
(a) Iltutmish 
(b) Balban
(c) Alauddin Khilji 
(d) Firoz Tughlaq
Q8. Which one of the following was a temple built by the Chola Kings?
(a) Brihadiswara Temple, Thanjavur
(b) Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
(c) Srirangam Temple, Tiruchirappalli
(d) Durga Temple, Aihole
Q9. Which dynasty initiated the Dravidian style of architecture?
(a) Pallavas
(b) Cholas
(c) Vijayanagar
(d) Chalukyas of Kalyani

Q10. The second Tarain war took place in
(a) 1193 A.D. 
(b) 1198 A.D.
(c) 1199 A.D. 
(d) 1192 A.D.

Q11. Muhammad Ghazni invaded India 17 times between
(a) 900-950 A.D. 
(b) 950-1000 A.D.
(c) 1000-1026 A.D. 
(d) 1025-1046 A.D.

Q12. Mahatma Gandhi returned to India, leaving South Africa forever in?
(a) 1914
(b) 1915
(c) 1916
(d) 1919
Q13. Who was the founder of Chandela dynasty?
(a) Jayasakti 
(b) Narasimha
(c) Nannuka 
(d) Nagabhatta
Q14. The capital of Gupta Empire was?
(a) Pataliputra 
(b) Kannauj
(c) Peshawar 
(d) Dhanyakatakam
Q15. Who patronized the 1st Buddhist council?
(a) Kanishka 
(b) Ashoka
(c) Kalasoka 
(d) Ajatashatru 

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