Previous Year English Questions For SSC CGL CPO MTS Exam 2017

Hello, Greetings!! Dear Students, At SSC ADDA, we’ve launched our SSC CGL 2017 Campaign. In order to achieve success in the CGL-17 exam, we’ve decided to post ENGLISH QUIZ. Today in this post we have provided Idioms Quiz. Every Day, We’ll post different topics, these quizzes will help you a lot in your complete preparation for the Exam. We’re also providing Vocabulary for SSC exams. At SSC adda, we have also provided English Grammar Rules for SSC CGL 2017.

(1-5): A sentence/a part of the sentence is highlighted in bold. Four alternatives
are given to the bold part which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct
alternative and click the button corresponding to it. In case no improvement is
needed, click the button corresponding to “No improvement”.
Q1. Do you
have some sugar?
(a) any
(b) little
(c) small
(d) No

Q2. Iago lied to Othello about his wife.

(a) lay
(b) laid
(c) lain
(d) No
Q3. It is
not possible to tell the entire story in
(a) in a
(b) in the
(c) in a
(d) No
Q4. It is all but same to me whether I am
transferred to Mumbai or Kolkata.
(a) all or
(b) all the
(c) all one
(d) No
Q5. Despite
his father’s financial assistance, he was always hard on.
(a) hard in
(b) hard up
(c) hard out
(d) No
(6-10): A passage is given with 5 questions following it. Read the passage
carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four
alternatives and click the button corresponding to it.
Even the
majority of elders turn their homes into hives of worry as they have too little
to do in too much time. Those who have retired thus find retirement tiresome
when hobbies, instead, could have turned it into a period of creativity and
This common
problem of inability to utilise leisure pleasurably and profitably is not
restricted to Indians. In fact, Japanese are the worse sufferers. Their
weekends, rather than increase their enjoyment of life, have wreaked havoc on
their health and happiness. Unable to while away the long, unstructured hours,
many of them have become addicts to coffee or hard liquor, and have even taken
to gambling.
How has this
social malady come about? Ironically, the syllabus-loaded education system is
the main culprit. It places a heavy workload on children and youth, laying
emphasis as it does on memory rather than intelligence.
Q6. Why do a
majority of retired elders find retirement tiresome?
(a) Because
their homes have been turned into hives of worry.
(b) Because
they do not have hobbies to utilise their free time.
(c) Because
they had nothing to do.
(d) Because
they had plenty of free time.
Q7. Which of
the following is correct in the context of the Japanese?
(a) They
have increased business sense in life.
(b) They
enjoy luxurious lifestyle.
(c) They use
their working time to increase their enjoyment.
(d) They
become addicts to coffee or hard liquor and gambling.
Q8. The
syllabus-loaded education system
(a) Places a
heavy burden on the youth.
(b) Ensures
that parents pay attention to the development of children.
(c) Lays
emphasis on intelligence.
(d) Gives
students a lot of free time.
Q9. The author
thinks that
Authorities are more appreciative of the syllabus-loaded
(b) Hobbies
play an important role in changing the unfortunate situation.
Co-curricular activities are discouraged.
(d) Only
Indians suffer from inability to utilise leisure.
Q10. The
passage tells us that
(a) Hobbies
are a waste of time
(b) Hobbies
play a crucial role in physical and mental development.
(c) Hobbies
wreak havoc on man’s health and happiness.
(d) Hobbies
can turn us into addicts of coffee, liquor or gambling.
(11-15): In each of the following sentences, a part of the sentence is left
unfinished. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of completing the sentence
are indicated. Choose the best alternative among the four.
__________ that in this apparent mess, two things need not be interfered with.
(a) It is
(b) It is of
cardinal importance
(c) It
should be urgently understood
(d) It
cannot be emphasised
Q12. The
highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what __________
(a) he makes
out of it.
(b) he gets
for others.
(c) he has
overcome through it.
(d) he
becomes by it.
Q13. Wines
that yield a good commercial profit __________ in the same limited areas of
France as now.
(a) seem to
have been produced.
(b) appear
to have a remarkable semblance
(c) bear a
significant similarity in terms of production to those grown
(d) appear
to have been similarly produced
Q14. In
pursuance of their decision to resist what they saw as anti-labour policies,
the company employees’ union launched agitation to __________.
(a) show
their virility
(b) reaffirm
their commitment to the company
(c) bring
down the government
demonstrate their strength
Q15. The
safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition as it
has developed up to now, with all its diverse proponents, is that it consists
of a __________ Plato.
(a) series
of footnotes to
(b) set of
prologues to
collection of chapters on
(d) string
of commentaries to

Since, SSC MTS Exam will begin on 30th april, You all need to understand the exam pattern and trick, approach to crack MTS exam, 

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