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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021: PM Modi Mantras for Students

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the students who are going to appear for the exam, their parents, teachers, and society to foster the environment. This year due to a pandemic PM Modi has introduced a new technique to be the listeners.

As per the latest update, “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021″ the annual session during which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address ‘Exam Warriors’ of the country, is all set to be held on 7th April – Wednesday at 7 PM. This year over 10 lakh students have registered for the event. During this session, Prime Minister Modi will answer several interesting questions on a wide range of subjects and a memorable discussion with students and teachers who will be participating in the upcoming exams.

PM Modi says :

Creativity is more effective than knowledge, creativity inside you increases the chances of your career growth this doesn’t need any kind, of course, it is just inside you.

One thing I want to tell the countrymen, parents, and teachers is that this is a discussion on the exam, but it is not just about the exam. A lot of things can happen, a new confidence has to be created.

Earlier, parents used to be connected with children on many subjects and were also comfortable. Nowadays, parents are involved with children till their career, studies, and celebrations. If parents are more involved, then they understand the interest, nature, tendency of the children and fill their shortcomings.

He added exam is the perfect opportunity to tighten yourself. We have one word for the exam – Kasauti (test). It means to tighten yourself, it is not that the exam is the last chance. Rather, the exam is a perfect opportunity to tighten yourself up to live a long life in a way.

Teachers and parents tell us to attempt things/ questions that are easy. However, with education, this suggestion is not right. In fact, first, attempt difficult as your mind is fresh. When I was a chief minister, I also learned things. I started my day discussing difficult things. Those who are successful are not good in all subjects but they have a stronghold in one subject.

Free time should not be wasted, learn to use your free time. It is a treasure, an opportunity. In your daily lifestyle, you should have some free time otherwise your life becomes robotic. They can be of two types, one which is pre-decided, and the other is which you get to know at the last moment. If you know your spare time beforehand, then you can ask your parents or siblings if you can help them with their chores. Or you can utilize this time to indulge in things that make you happy.

Don’t burden your children with the values you have followed. Parents should find different ways to add these values to their upbringing. Parents must not tie their children with their thoughts.

During the interaction, a student from Kuwait asked how to prepare oneself for the battle of life? Modi answers observe things around yourself and learn from them. Dream but don’t sit ideal. Be determined. Think of that one dream that you wish to fulfill. Your vision will be clear.

Amrita Jain from Mordadabad asked students don’t eat what we pack for tiffin. Modi said we should talk about the specialty of traditional food. Every family member should know how we prepare food, ingredients, and time taken. Nowadays, there is so much information about food. We can prepare a game. The family doctor should discuss what to eat, hereditary disorders in the family. Also discuss with teachers how through an interesting way they can tell students the benefits of the lunch boxes.

Lastly, PM Modi added, “Show the same interest in your child’s generation’s talks, you will get involved in his enjoyment, then you will see how the generation gap ends.

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Highlights of “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021”

  • The most important thing about this session is this will be virtual and the PM of India will address all virtually with the new format.

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  • In this session, PM will be interacting with the students, their parents, and teachers. He is going to help students with their exam pressure and thanking teachers for their support in this pandemic time by taking online classes and teaching students with the use of all new technologies.
  •  PM Modi urges students to look upon exams as an opportunity and not as an end of life’s dreams. He is going to speak with the students as a friend and also interact with teachers and parents during the virtual event.
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  • He will also explain to students about peer pressure during the examination. He concludes that although this session is Pariksha Pe Charcha he is not going to discuss exams.

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  • Modi will try to release the tension of the exam on the students as well as to the parents by his some points that he will be going to discuss in the session. He is going to interact with all not as Prime Minister but as their friend who is going to console them and try to feel them free before the examination.
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