Physics Quiz Based on NCERT for SSC 2016

1. Sound waves in air are ________ waves.
A. Radio
B. Longitudinal
C. Electromagnetic
D. Transverse

2. Transverse waves can propagate—
A. not in a gas but in a metal
B. in a gas but not in a metal
C. neither in gas nor in metal
D. both in a gas and in a metal
3. Mechanical waves—
A. Transverse only
B. longitudinal only
C. can be both longitudinal and transverse
D. none of the above
4. Ultrasonic waves are those waves which—
A. Human beings can hear
B. Human beings cannot hear
C. Have large amplitude
D. Have high velocity
5. Ultrasonic waves can be detected by—
A. Quinck’s tube
B. Kundt’s tube 
C. Hebb’s method
D. Telephone
6. When a wave goes from one level to another, there is a change in the—
(i) amplitude
(ii) wavelength
(iii) velocity 
(iv) frequency
A. only (ii)
B. only (iv)
C. (i),(ii)
D. (i),(ii) and (iii)
7.Why are ultrasonic waves are used for stirring liquid solutions?
A. do not produce chemical reactions in the solution 
B. can produce perfectly homogeneous solution
C. are easy to produce
D. do not produce noise during the operation
8. Sound can be transmitted as ?
A. Longitudinal mechanical waves 
B. transverse mechanical waves 
C. both (A) & (B) 
D. Neither (A) nor (B)
9. Sound wave cannot pass through  which of the following?
A. An ideal gas
B. A liquid gas mixture
C. A perfect vacuum
D. A solid-liquid mixture
10. The frequency of sound waves can be expressed in—
A.  s-1
B. Hz
C. Cycles/second
D. All of the above

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