Physics Questions for SSC CGL Exam

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We are providing the alternate quizzes on Chemistry/Biology/Physics. From this section you will get at least 7-8 questions in SSC CGL Exam. So from this quiz one can prepare general science section on daily basis.

Q1. Decibel is a term connected with—
(a) air 
(b) water 
(c) sound 
(d) soil 

Q2. An object with a constant speed—
(a) is not accelerated 
(b) might be accelerated 
(c) is always accelerated 
(d) also has a constant velocity 

Q3. An object covers distance which is directly proportional to the square of the time. Its acceleration is— 
(a) increasing 
(b) decreasing 
(c) zero 
(d) constant 

Q4. When a running car stops suddenly, the passengers tends to lean forward because of 
(a) centrifugal force 
(b) inertia of rest 
(c) inertia of motion 
(d) gravitation force 

Q5.The angle, in which a cricket ball should be hit to travel maximum horizontal distance, is  
(a) 60° with horizontal 
(b) 45° with horizontal
(c)  30° with horizontal
(d) 15° with horizontal

Q6. The function of ball bearings in a wheel is—
(a) to increase friction 
(b) to convert kinetic friction into rolling friction 
(c) to convert static friction into kinetic friction 
(d) just for convenience 

Q7. The spokes used in the wheel of a bicycle increase its—
(a) moment of inertia 
(b) velocity 
(c) acceleration 
(d) momentum 

Q8. A person is hurt on kicking a stone due to— 
(a) inertia 
(b) velocity 
(c) reaction 
(d) momentum 

Q9. The slope of a velocity-time graph represents—
(a) acceleration 
(b) displacement 
(c) distance 
(d) speed 

Q10. Intensity of gravitational field of the Earth is maximum at—
(a) poles 
(b) equator 
(c) centre of Earth 
(d) surface 

Q11. Who defined the law of gravitation?  
(a) Newton 
(b) Archimedes 
(c) Galileo 
(d) Faraday 

Q12. The term equinox means—
(a) the path which the Earth takes around the sun 
(b) the axis of the Earth around which it rotates 
(c) when the day and night are of equal duration 
(d) the time when the Sun seems to be going round and round in the sky in the arctic but does not go below the horizon 

Q13. Water from soil enters into the root hairs owing to—
(a) atmospheric pressure
(b) capillary action
(c) root pressure

(d) none of the above 

Q14. Water drops cannot stick to the oily surface due to—
(a) lack of adhesive force 
(b) water is lighter than oil
(c) cannot mix each other 
(d) None of the above

Q15. Which of the following liquids has the least density?  
(a) Fresh water 
(b) Salt water 
(c) Petrol 
(d) Mercury 

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