Physics Questions for Railway ALP Stage-II Exam : 19th December 2018

Railway Board offers opulent and revered job posts to its aspirants. And it is not every year that we get the notification from Railway offering a good number of vacant seats to the multitude aspirants. But the current year 2018 brought a pleasant surprise with almost 1,27,278 seats to be filled by the valid candidates. Opportunity is here but you have to welcome it with a provident strategy. 

Q1. A force of 50N moves a body,
एक वस्तु पर 50N के बल लगाने पर वह गतिमान होती है, जब :
(a) Friction force exerted on the body is less than 50N/ वस्तु पर लगाया गया घर्षण बल 50N से कम है
(b) Friction force exerted on the body is more than 50N/ वस्तु पर घर्षण बल 50N से अधिक है
(c) None of these/ इनमें से कोई नहीं
(d). Both of a and b/ a और b दोनों

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Sol. Friction force exerted on the body is less  than 50N

Q2. A fielder giving a swing while catching a ball is an example of
एक गेंद पकड़ते समय स्विंग देने वाला फील्डर किसका उदाहरण है?
(a) Inertia/ जड़ता
(b) Momentum/ आवेग
(c) Newton’s II law of motion/ न्यूटन का गति का दूसरा नियम
(d). Newton’s I law of motion/ न्यूटन का गति का पहला नियम

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Sol. Newton’s II law of motion
When you swing your hand, it will take more time to stop the ball. Hence the rate of change of momentum of the ball will decrease. So force acting on your hand will be less.

Q3. Action and reaction forces
क्रिया और प्रतिक्रिया बल :
(a) Act on the same body/ समान वस्तुओं पर लगता है
(b) Act on different bodies/ विभिन्न वस्तुओं पर लगता है
(c) Act in same direction/ समान दिशा में लगता है
(d). Both I and III/ I और III दोनों

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Sol. Both forces act on the same object while action-reaction forces ALWAYS act on different objects.

Q4. While riding the bicycle if we stop peddling why does the bicycle begins to slow down? 
साइकिल पर सवार होने पर हम पेडलिंग बंद कर देते हैं साइकिल क्यों धीमी होने लगती है?
(a) The earth’s gravitational force acts on it/ पृथ्वी की गुरुत्वाकर्षण बल इस पर कार्य करता है
(b) It is not accelerated/ यह त्वरित नहीं है
(c) No unbalanced force acts on it/ कोई असंतुलित बल इस पर कार्य नहीं करता है
(d) Frictional force acts on it/ घर्षण बल इस पर कार्य करता है

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Sol. The bicycle slows down because of the frictional force acting on the tyres of the bicycle. When this frictional force overcomes the force applied by paddling, the bicycle stops.

Q5.The law that give a Qualitative definition of force is 
नियम जो बल की गुणात्मक परिभाषा देता है वह है:
(a) Newton’s second low of motion/ न्यूटन का गति का दूसरा नियम
(b) Newton’s first law of motion/ न्यूटन का गति का पहला नियम
(c) Newton’s third law of motion/ न्यूटन का गति का तीसरा नियम
(d) Law of gravitation/ गुरुत्वाकर्षण का नियम

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Sol. Newton’s first law of motion states Every object is in state of rest or uniform motion unless exernal force act upon. The law itself states or shows the importance of force to bring a moving body to rest or move the body in rest to motion.

Q6. If the Earth stops rotating, the apparent value of g on its surface will
 यदि पृथ्वी घूर्णन बंद हो जाता है, तो इसकी सतह पर g का स्पष्ट मान होगा:
(a) increases at some places and remain the same at other places / कुछ स्थानों पर बढ़ता है और अन्य स्थानों पर समान रहता है
(b) increases everywhere/ हर जगह बढ़ता है
(c) decreases everywhere/ हर जगह घटता है
(d) remain the same everywhere/ हर जगह समान रहता है

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Sol. The effect of rotation of earth on g, appears every where but not on poles. So, if earth stops rotating the values of ‘g’ will remain same at poles and increase at other places. 

Q7. The shape of our Milky way galaxy is 
हमारी मिल्की वे आकाश गंगा का आकार है:
(a) circular/ वृत्ताकार
(b) elliptical/ अंडाकार
(c) spiral / सर्पिल
(d) None of these/ इनमें से कोई नहीं
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Sol. The shape of our milky way galaxy is spiral of 100000 –120000 light-years in diameter having 200-400 billion stars. Our solar system is contained into the milky-way galaxy.
This name has been derived from its appearance as a dim milky glowing band arching across the night sky, in which the individual stars cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.

Q8. In the Earth, the weight of a body is maximum at the
पृथ्वी में, वस्तु का भार अधिकतम कहाँ होता है?
(a) North pole/ उत्तरी ध्रुव
(b) South pole/ दक्षिण ध्रुव
(c) equator/ भूमध्य रेखा
(d) center of the earth/ पृथ्वी के केंद्र
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Sol. According to the Newton’s law of gravitation, the weight ‘w’ of the body is given by
w = mg
Where, g is the acceleration due to gravity which equals GM/R^2
Where M and R are the mass and radius of the Earth respectively.  As the weight of the body is directly proportional to g. Thus, the weight of the body would be maximum at the centre of the earth.

Q9. When a running car stops suddenly, the passengers tends to lean forward because Of
जब एक चलती कार अचानक बंद हो जाती है, तो यात्री आगे की ओर किसके कारण झुकते हैं:
(a) centrifugal force/ केन्द्रापसारक बल
(b) inertia of rest/ आराम की जड़ता
(c) inertia of motion/ गति की जड़ता
(d) gravitation force/ गुरुत्वाकर्षण बल  
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Sol. According to the Newton’s first law of motion we know that the inertia of motion is that property of that uniformly moving body due to which it resists a change in its state of uniform motion.
Therefore, the passengers of a running car lean forward when that car stops suddenly.

Q10.The working of a rocket is based on the principle of
रॉकेट का कार्य किसके सिद्धांत पर आधारित है?
(a) conservation of momentum/ गति का संरक्षण
(b) conservation of mass/ द्रव्यमान का संरक्षण
(c) conservation of energy/ ऊर्जा का संरक्षण
(d) conservation of angular momentum/ कोणीय गति का संरक्षण
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Sol. The working of a rocket is based on the principle of conservation of momentum as in the absence of external forces, the total momentum of the system remains conserved.
here. just before launching, the momentum of the rocket is zero and the rocket is fired it forces a jet of hot gases with a high velocity.

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