Physics Question for SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC Exam

Q1. A concave lens always forms  
(a) a real image 
(b) a virtual image 
(c) an image type which depends on object characteristics  
(d) an image type which depends on lens curvature 

Q2. The blue colour of sky is due to  

(a) reflection of sunlight 
(b) refraction of sunlight 
(c) scattering of shorter wave lengths of sunlight in the atmosphere 
(d) scattering of longer wave lengths of sunlight in the atmosphere 

Q3. White clothes are cooler than black ones, because they  
(a) absorb all the light that reaches them 
(b) reflect all the light that reaches them 
(c) will not allow the light to penetrate 
(d) cool the sunlight completely 

Q4. The head mirror used by ENT doctors is  
(a) concave 
(b) convex 
(c) plane  
(d) plano-convex 

Q5. Magnifying glass is basically a  
(a) plano-concave lens 
(b) concave lens 
(c) convex lens 
(d) cylindrical lens 

Q6. Which colour of light shows maximum deviation when passed through a prism?  
(a) White 
(b) Red 
(c) Violet 
(d) Green 

Q7. Shaving mirror is  
(a) convex 
(b) concave 
(c) plane 
(d) parabolic 

Q8. Which type of mirror is used in the head lights of vehicles?  
(a) Plane mirror 
(b) Concave mirror 
(c) Convex mirror 
(d) Parabolic mirror 

Q9. A concave lens always forms an image which is  
(a) red and erect 
(b) virtual and erect
(c) real and inverted 
(d) virtual and inverted 

Q10. The scientist who first sent electromagnetic waves to distant places is  
(a) James Clerk Maxwell 
(b) Heinrich Hertz
(c) Thomas Alava Edison 
(d) John Logie Baird 

Q11. Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean ?
(a) Fathometer
(b) Fluxmeter
(c) Endoscope
(d) Galvanometer

Q12. When a light wave is reflected from a mirror, there is a change in its  
(a) frequency 
(b) amplitude 
(c) wavelength 
(d) velocity 

Q13. A man cannot see clearly beyond 10 m. The disease he suffers from  
(a) far sight 
(b) myopia
(c) cataract 
(d) hypermetropia 

Q14. The part of the eye having the largest refractive index is  
(a) cornea 
(b) aqueous humor 
(c) lens 
(d) vitreous humor 

Q15. Spectacles used for viewing 3D films have  
(a) bifocal lens 
(b) convex lens 
(c) concave lens 
(d) polaroids 


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