Physics Question for SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC Exam

Q1. To an astronaut in space, the sky will appear to be 
(a) violet
(b) red
(c) blue
(d) black

Q2. On a rainy day, small oily films on water show brilliant colours. This is due to  
(a) scattering
(b) interference
(c) polarisation
(d) none of these

Q3. Rainbow formation is due to 
(a) absorption of sunlight by water droplets
(b) diffusion of sunlight through water droplets
(c) ionisation of water droplets
(d) refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets

Q4. Red light is used in traffic signals, because 
(a) colour of blood is red
(b) animals can identify red
(c) red light disperses least
(d) red is the symbol of danger

Q5. Golden view of sea shell is due to  
(a) diffraction
(b) dispersion
(c) polarisation
(d) reflection

Q6. A star appears twinkling in the sky because of  
(a) scattering of light by atmosphere
(b) reflection of light by atmosphere
(c) refraction of light by atmosphere
(d) diffraction of light by atmosphere

Q7. When a strong beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution, the light will 
(a) be scattered
(b) pass unchanged
(c) be absorbed
(d) be reflected

Q8. Persons suffering from myopia are advised to use  
(a) convex lens
(b) concave lens
(c) plano-convex lens
(d) plano-concave lens

Q9. The primary colours in photography are 
(a) red, blue, yellow
(b) red, yellow, green
(c) red, blue, green
(d) blue, yellow, green

Q10. Mirage is an example  
(a) refraction of light only
(b) total internal, reflection of light only
(c) refraction and total internal reflection of light
(d) dispersion of light only

Q11. Optical fibres are based on the phenomenon of  
(a) interference
(b) dispersion
(c) diffraction
(d) total internal reflection

Q12. The phenomenon of light associated with the appearance of blue colour of the sky is   
(a) interference
(b) reflection
(c) refraction
(d) scattering

Q13. Lens in made up of  
(a) pyrex glass
(b) flint glass
(c) ordinary glass
(d) cobalt glass

Q14. Lambert’s law is related to 
(a) reflection
(b) refraction
(c) interference
(d) illumination

Q15. A water tank appears shallower when it is viewed from top due to  
(a) rectilinear propagation of light
(b) reflection
(c) total internal reflection
(d) refraction


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