Physics Question FOR SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC


Q1. A passenger in a moving train tosses a coin. If the coin
falls behind him, the train must be moving with
(a) an acceleration
(b) a deceleration
(c) a uniform speed
(d) any of the above

Q2. China wares are wraped in straw of paper before packing.
This is the application of concept of

(a) impulse
(b) momentum
(c) acceleration
(d) force
Q3. When a body is stationary, then
(a) there is no force acting on it
(b) the body is in vacuum
(c) the force acting on it is not in contact with it
(d) the net forces acting on it balances each other
Q4. What happens when a heavy object and a light object are
allowed to fall from the certain height in the absence of air
(a) heavy object reaches the ground later than the lighter
(b) lighter object reaches the ground later than the heavier
(c) both heavy and light objects reach the ground
(d) None of these
Q5. An artificial satellite orbiting the earth does not fall
down because the earth’s attraction
(a) is balanced by the attraction of the moon
(b) vanishes at such distances
(c) is balanced by the viscous drag produced by the
(d) produces the necessary acceleration of its motion in a
curved path
Q6. Which zone of a candle flame is the hottest ?
(a) Dark innermost zone
(b) Outermost zone
(c) Middle luminous zone
(d) Central zone
Q7. Why do two ice blocks join to form one block when
pressed together?
(a) Melting point of ice is lowered with increase in
(b) Melting point of ice increases with increase in pressure
(c) Melting point of ice remains unchanged with increase in
(d) Melting point of ice is 0°C
Q8. Evening Sun is not as hot as the mid day sun. What is
the reason?
(a) In the evening, radiation travel slowly
(b) In the evening, the temperature of the sun decreases
(c) Ozone in atmosphere absorbs more light in the evening
(d) In the evening, radiations travels larger distance
through atmosphere
Q9. A fan produces a feeling of comfort during hot weather,
(a) our body radiates more heat in air
(b) fan supplies cool air
(c) conductivity of air increases
(d) our perspiration evaporates rapidly
Q10. A man with a dark skin, in comparison with a man with a
white skin, will experience
(a) less heat and less cold
(b) less heat and more cold
(c) more heat and less cold
(d) more heat and more cold
Q11. The earth’s magnetic field always has a vertical component
except at the
(a) magnetic equator
(b) magnetic poles
(c) geographic north pole
(d) latitude 45º
Q12. Domestic electrical wiring is basically a
(a) series connection
(b) parallel connection
(c) combination of series and parallel connections
(d) series connection within each room and parallel
connection elsewhere
Q13. What is the order of magnitude of electric resistance
of the human body (dry) ?
(a) 10^2 ohm
(b) 10^4 ohm
(c) 10^6 ohm
(d) 10^8 ohm
Q14. Soap bubble looks coloured due to
(a) dispersion
(b) reflection
(c) interference
(d) Any one of these
Q15. Compared to burn due to air at 100°C, a burn due to
steam at 100°C is
(a) less dangerous
(b) more dangerous
(c) equally dangerous
(d) None of these

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