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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Highlights: PM Modi’s Motivational Pep Talk

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 Highlights: The annual event “Pariksha Pe Charcha” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to motivate students for the upcoming exams was successfully conducted on 20th January. Thousands of students from all over India participated and asked questions from the Prime Minister himself in an interactive session.

As per the data released by the HRD Ministry,  it received around 2.6 lakh entries from students this year to participate in live session as compared to 1.4 lakh entries previously. Here are some key points from the Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020 including the message highlighted by the Prime Minister:

#WithoutFilter Discussion

PM Modi urged the students to talk and discuss freely with an open mind like they are talking to a friend. As per the latest trend used by youngsters, #withoutFilter, the discussion shall also be light-hearted and interesting and free of any worries.

“A temporary setback doesn’t mean success is not waiting”

Responding to a Student’s question, PM Modi inspired all the students to stay motivated during the exam. Students must not get disheartened by a failure in their lives. He said; “Motivation, demotivation is very common. Everyone goes through these feelings.” “Kasauti buri nahi hoti. Hum uske sath kis prakar se deal krte h us par depend krta h.” He also recounted his experience from the night of Chadrayaan Mission when the years of hard work of scientists resulted in failure. Hence, students must wait for the right time for the best things to come.

“Marks in exams are not everything”

Students must not focus only on marks and should connect their life with studies as well. “Good marks in exams are not everything, we have to come out of the thinking that exams are all,” the PM said. Students must not think that exams are the end of the world as there are better things waiting for you in life.

 Importance of extra-curricular activities With Studies

PM Modi also shed some light on how students must indulge in the extra-curricular activities along with their studies. Students must not be like a robot. Proper time management is required as there are plenty of opportunities for youngsters waiting to be explored.

Technology Free Hour

PM Modi also expressed worries on how technology is affecting the students. He said that technology must be treated as a friend and your life must not be only affected by it. It is necessary to be updated with the latest trends but one must not get distracted by it. He urged students and parents to observe a technology-free hour every day.

Message For Parents

PM Modi had a message for parents as well. Parents must support their kids and not pressurise them in any way. Help your kids to grow and make them realise their inner potential. Inspire children to do the things they want to and don’t hold them back.

Be Confident and Have Faith in yourself

PM suggested the students that one need to follow one’s passion and should have a clarity of thought, fate & conviction and character to act. Focus on what you have prepared and worked hard for. Do not worry about peer pressure. He also said that when India will celebrate its 100 years of Independence, the students will be in the top leadership positions.

“PADHAYI ko PARIKSHA se nhi ZINDAGI se jodiye”



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