Mountains Peaks of India

The Mountain peaks of India are set as jewels in the crown on Indian Map. These dazzling peaks are pride of India. Most of these Highest Mountain Peaks are located in the Northern and Northeastern part of India. Majority of the mountain peaks listed below are part of Himalayan Range and Karakoram Range stretched between three countries namely India, China and Pakistan. Twelve out of hundred (12 out of 100) highest mountain peaks of the world are located in India and on Indian boundaries.
Following are the top 12 mountain peaks of India that found a place in world’s top 100 highest mountain peaks:

1. Kanchenjunga – (28169 ft, 8586 m) (ranked 3rd):
Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world and 1st in India. Kanchenjunga stands tall with an elevation of 8,586 meters (28,169 ft). The literal translation of Kanchenjunga means “The Five Treasures of Snows” and these treasures are gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books. Kanchenjunga is a group of five peaks out of which four are over 8450 ft.
2. Nanda Devi – (25663 ft, 7824 m) (ranked 23rd):
Nanda devi is the second highest mountain peak in India. This is the highest peak (entirely) in the country, as Kanchenjunga lies on the border areas of India and Nepal. It was the highest known mountain in the world until 1808 when western surveyors discovered Dhaulagiri. The mountain stands tall at an elevation of 7824 meters (25663 ft).

3. Kamet – (25446 ft, 7756 m) (ranked 29th):
Kamet is the second highest mountain peak in Garhwal Himalayas. It lies in the Chamboli District of Uttrakhand. It is the third highest peak in India (according to India however, the rank is much lower as it includes in its list of mountains all those in Pakistan occupied Kashmir). The Kamet mountain peak is the 29th highest in the world.

4. Saser Kangri I – (25,171 ft, 7672 m) (ranked 35th):
Saser Kangri I (or Sasir Kangri) is the highest peak in the Saser Muztagh, the easternmost sub-range of the Karakoram range in India. This massif lays toward the northwestern end of the Saser Muztagh, at the head of the North Shukpa Kunchang Glacier, a major glacier, which drains the eastern slopes of the group. The mountain stands at an elevation of 7,672 m (25,171 ft) and is ranked at no. 35 in world’s highest mountain peaks.
5. Mamostong Kangri – (24,659 ft, 7516 m) (ranked 48th):
Mamostong Kangri or Mamostang Kangri is the highest peak in the remote Rimo Muztagh range, which is a subrange of the Karakoram range in India. The Karakoram Range is spread in three countries namely Pakistan, India and China. Mount Mamostong lies in Indian part of Karakoram Range. The mountain stands at an elevation of 7,516 meters (24,659 feet) and is raked 48th in world’s highest peaks.
6. Saser Kangri II – East at (24,665 ft, 7518 m) ; West at (7,500 meters) (ranked 49th):
Another magnificent peak in the Saser Muztagh is Saser Kangri II. The eastern elevation of the peak is 7,518 m (24,665 ft) and the western elevation is 7,500 meters. Saser Kangri II is ranked 49 in the top 100 mountain peaks of the world.
7. Saser Kangri III – (24,590 ft, 7495 m) (ranked 51st):
At no. 51 in the list of top 100 mountain peaks of the world is Mount Saser Kangri III that stands at an elevation of 7495 meters (24,590 ft). This mountain is located on Saser Muztagh Range that is a sub-range of Karakoram Range.
8. Saser Kangri IV – (24,331 ft, 7416 m):
The Saser Kangri massif consists of four main peaks and Saser Kangri IV being the smallest of them all. This mountain is located on Saser Muztagh Range that is a sub-range of Karakoram Range.
9. Ghent Kangri – (24,281 ft, 7401 m) (ranked 69th):
Ghent Kangri (or Mount Ghent, Ghaint I) is a high peak at the north end of the Saltoro Mountains, a subrange of the Karakoram range. It is located west of the Siachen Glacier in an area under Indian control since 1984. Mount Ghent stands at an elevation of 7401 meters (24281 ft) and is ranked 69th in the list of highest mountain peaks of the world.
10. Abi Gamin – (24,131 ft, 7,355 m) (ranked 76th):
Abi Gamin or Ibi Gamin is one of the highest peaks located in Chamoli district of the Indian state Uttrakhand . It lies on India-Tibet border just 2 km away from mount Kamet. It is also the secong highest peak of the region after Kamet. This peak is a part of Himalayan Range and is situated on the watershed of the upper Alaknanda and Dhauli.
11. Mana – (23860 ft, 7273 m) (ranked 92nd):
Northeast of Badrinath is another impressive cluster of mountain peaks. The mountains rise almost on the Indo-Tibetan border with Mana and Kamet as the principal peaks. Mana itself marks the eastern extremity of the Zanskar range. It lies between the pass of the same name and the Niti Pass. The mountain peak stands at an elevation of 7355 meter (24,131 ft) and is ranked at no. 92.
12. Mukut Parbat (two summits) – (23,760 ft, 7242 m) (ranked 97th):
Mukut Parbat is one of the neighboring peaks of Mount Kamet. Mukut Parbat is located south-southeast of Kamet. The mountain stands at an elevation of 7242 metres (23760 ft) and is ranked 97th in top 100 mountain peaks of the world.

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  2. Please correct this post…. Highest peak of India is K2 Godwin-Austen. Which is in pak occupied Kashmir . Kanchenjunga lies in Nepal territory. Only thing related to Kanchenjunga in India is Kanchenjunga national park which is in Sikkim

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