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Hello Readers,

We shall discuss about One Word Substitutions  of
the English Language section.  Now a days these words  have became an important part of the English Language
test in not only SSC but also almost all Entrance Exams like FCI Exams.

1.  A place where water is collected and
– Reservoir (जलाशय)

2.  A place frequented for reasons of
pleasure or health 
Resort (आश्रय)

  A place with gambling tables etc. 

Casino (जुआघर)

4.  A nursery where children of working parents
are cared for while their parents are at work
Creche (शिशु सदन)

5.  A place where plates, dishes, pots and
other cooking utensils are washed up 
Scullery (बरतन माँजने की जगह)

6.  The sleeping rooms in a college or public

7.  A portable case for holding papers,
drawings etc.
Portfolio (जानकारी-संग्रह)

8. An ornamental glass bottle for holding wine
or other alcoholic drinks 
Decanter(कंटर(शीशे की सुराही)

9.  A case in which the blade of a word is kept
 – Sheath, Scabbard (म्यान)

10. A place for lunatics, and political refugees
 – Asylum(शरणस्थान)

11. A place for wrestling 
Arena (अखाड़ा)

12.  A place for ammunition and weapons 
Arsenal (शस्त्रागार)

13.  A place for luggage at a railway station 

14.  A place for birds 
Cage (पिंजरा)

15.  A place for wild animals and birds 
(वन्य पशुशाला)

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  1. .plz tell me which part in gk has more no qstn history ,geography or politics…

  2. based on last years papers most of the questions were asked from Science.In which biology section contains lion's share!!!

  3. Mam plz tell me , I had filled SSC CGL 2 Years back , but did not appear in exam.. now when i'm filling SSC CGL this year , then this will be counted as my first attempt or 2nd ???? Mam plz tell me …

  4. Right mam.. from science section we can get atleast 14-17 ques.. 🙂

  5. Rapunzel…. there is no attempt limit in SSC exam.. only there is age limit

  6. Achha ..phir bhi option hota h na ..about attempt to kya likhun … first or second …

  7. Ohkk…thank u ?? Are u filling CGL ?? n for which posts physical test is required ??

  8. yeah i will apply cgl… yes in some post physical test is required lyk in inspectors post .. read notification clearly .. and interview k tym pe tumhe fir se post choose krne k liye ek form fill karna hoga.. aur ye tumhara final option hoga post choose karne ka

  9. Achha … aa gyi smjh …means dhyan se krni pdegi pref. Select …ok..thanx n all the best 🙂

  10. i have done bsc so for which post i am elligible to fill it … tense…..plzz get me out of it????

  11. A sum of rs 1500 is lent out in two parts in such a way that the simple interest on one part at 10% per annum for 5 years is equal to that on another part at 12.5% for 5 years. The sum lent out at 12.5% is???

  12. when SI is same….
    P1;P2 = 1/r1t1 : 1/r2t2

    sorry…sum lent out at 12.5% is 2000/3
    and at 10% is 2500/3

  13. A sum of money invested at compound interest doubles itself in 6 years. At the same rate on interest it will amount to eight times of itself in ????

  14. A fan is listed at rs 1500 and a discount of 20% is offered on the list price . What additional discount must be offered to the customer to bring the net price to rs 1104.?//

  15. A tradesman marks his goods 10% above his cost price. If he allows his customers 10% discount on the marked price, how much profit or loss does he make, if any
    a) 1% gain b) 1% loss c) 5% gain d) no gain, no loss

  16. A work could be completed by some workers in 100 days. however , due to absence of 10 workers , it was completed in 110 days. the original number of workers was???

  17. A man and a boy received rs 800 as wages for 5 days for the work they did together. The man's eff in the work was three times that of the boy. What are the daily wages of the boy.???

  18. By selling a table for rs 350 instead of rs 400, loss %age increases by 5%. The cost price of table is???

  19. wages are divided in efficiency
    so divede 800 in 3:1
    we get boys 5 days wages=200
    boy"s1 day wage=200/5=40

  20. a train passes two bridges of lengths 800 m and 400 m in 100 sec and 60 sec resp. The length of the train is???

  21. A shopkeeper lists the price of an article as Rs 500. But he gives a certain discount which allows a certain discount which allows the buyer to pay Rs 500 for the article including 10% sales tax. The rate of discount is
    a) 10% b) 111/115 c) 100/11% d) 11%

  22. Discount rate will definitely be less than 10%…by seeing all options there is no need to solve this.

  23. let SP = x
    110% of x = 500
    x = 5000/11

    diss = 500-5000/11 = 500/11

    diss% = 500/11 * 1/500 *100 = 100/11%

  24. A train running at 7/11 of its normal speed reached a place in 22 hours. How much time could be saved if the train would have run at its normal speed????

  25. usual speed be 's' and usual time be 't'
    distance will be same
    now, s * t= 7s/11 * 22.

  26. perimeter of rectangular field is 160 m and the difference btn its two adjacent sides is 48 m . the side of a square field , having same area as that of rectangle is???

  27. in both case distance are same
    so apply
    t2=14 hours
    so save hours=22-14=8

  28. A hemisphere and a cone have equal bases, if their heights are also equal ,the ratio of their curved surface will be???

  29. The area of a square and a rectangle are equal. The length of the rectangle is greater than the length of a side of square by 5 cm and breadth of the rect is lesser than side of square by 3 cm. the perimeter of rectangle is???

  30. A cuboidal water tank contains 216 ltrs of water . its depth is 1/3rd of its length and breadth is 1/2 of 1/3 of the difference between length and depth . the length of the tank is???

  31. The sum of two numbers is 36 and their HCF is 4. How many pairs of such numbers are possible?

    a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

  32. 1,8 hoga
    par 3,6 shayad nahi hoga….kyuki woh common factors aa rhe ..isme thoda dbt hai

  33. Bhai rohsan aaj answer de do
    kal se maun brat kar lena
    pura solution samjha do

  34. ok guys answer is d =4

    {4,32 ; 8,28 ; 16, 20 ; 32 ,4}
    (question is asking about pair of such number)
    in answer key its given c which i think is wrong

  35. You r wrong bro…..

    As these numbers have 4 as HCF, It means that they are multiples of 4. so say 4x and 4y are the numbers
    4 (x + y) = 36
    (x+y)= (36/4)
    (x + y) = 9
    Hence, the possible pairs of x and y are (1,8) (3,6) (4,5) and (2,7) since they all give 9.
    (3,6) is out as it is not co-prime and that will change the HCF. only (1,8) , (4,5) and (2,7) i.e. three pairs are possible.

  36. put x=1 in x + 1/x =2
    it satisfy it means 1 is solution now put this in given eq you will get sln

  37. if for two real constant a and b , the expression
    ax^3 + 3x² – 8x +b is exactly divisible by (x+2) and (x-2) ,then the value of a and b are????

  38. solution plz… don't mind i'm very weak in quant section ..that's y asking buddy.. plz understand my problem.

  39. aj k liye itna he kafi h…baki kal krte h…milte h 9:30pm

  40. Which is the highest e-waste generating country in Asia?



    [D]North Korea

  41. while filling post code section its not showing the post name and their codes ? what would be the problem? is there any browser version in internet and firefox or chrome?

  42. No dude its serve problm u can
    Go through once notification all codes u get from dere

  43. Who is the author of the novel “All the Light We Cannot See”?

    [A]Anthony Doerr

    [B]Laila Lalami

    [C]Richard Ford

    [D]Joyce Carol Oates

  44. ::: The first persons in various categories :::



    » The First Indian to win world Billiards Trophy

    Wilson Jones

    » The first to conquer Everest

    Sherpa Tenzing (1953)

    Sherpa Tenzing

    »The first Indian woman to swim across
    the English Channel

    Miss. Arati Shah

    » The first person to win Wimbledon title five times

    Bjorn Borg

    » The first to sail round the world



    » The first Indian to win world Billiards Trophy

    Wilson Jones

    » The first to cross the Damelles by swimming

    Mihir Sen

    » The first person to reach South Pole


    » The first woman who conquered Everest

    Junko Tabei (Japan)

    »The first black player to win the
    Wimbledon men's singles title

    Arthur Ashe (US)

    » The first person to reach North Pole

    Robert Peary

    » First woman Olympic Medallist (Weight Lifting)

    Karnam Malleswari (2000)

    Karnam Malleswari

    Bichendri Pal

    »The first Indian to win All England
    Badminton Championship

    Prakash Padukone

    »The first person to win the Palk Strait
    ocean swimming contest


    »The first person to complete solo walk to
    magnetic North pole

    David Hempleman Adam (UK)

    » The first woman to reach North pole

    Ann Bancroft

    » The first woman to sail non stop around the world alone


    » The first an to climb Everest twice

    Nawang Gombu

    » The first deaf & dumb to cross the strait of Gibraltar

    Taranath Shenoy(India)

    » The first woman to climb Mt. Everest twice

    Santosh Yadav (India)

  45. r u sure??? as per the notification, its clearly mentioned v cannot :'(… in 'Mode of Selection' point 2

  46. yeah sure.. if u will be selected for interview …but it will not be applicable for non-interview and tax assistant .

  47. Who was awarded with the prestigious Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Award 2015?

    [A]Anil Kapoor

    [B]Sunil Shetty

    [C]Amitabh Bachchan

    [D]Amir Khan

  48. To learn "Menagerie"-
    Trick- Manage jerry
    Jerry is an animal (Tom and Jerry :P),
    so place to manage animal and birds is Menag- erie

  49. 1st of all try to cover all basics
    .then buy any kirans book and practise…Analyse previous practice thats only way.

  50. Buy any maths book of agarwall or kirans for maths..for more ..use ncerts up to 10th.. try to do each chapter.

  51. For gk ncert is good..for reasoning try to do previous far as reasng is concernd it is much more easier compard to bank..look at previous qstns u will undrstnd

  52. Dr…maths will be of some what of higher level than bank ..but if u can get an adequate knowlede u can easily attempt up to 30 to 40..for english ..they will ask idioms ..synonyms..onewords ..reportd passive etc..try to study more vocabulary daily…grasp all basic gramr using any gramemr book of ur own interest..but practice is the matter

  53. Dud..for a while I joined in quizz..but yestrday am little busy with my studies..sice my studies going in a slow manner.

  54. Follow ssc adda..or try to read Hindu papr..n note down new words..or buy kirans previous papers..for more voccabulry

  55. Dont give up anu…if ur already preaparng for bank then no worry..try to focus on geomtry etc ang on gk..we will crack this yr for sure

  56. i hope vaise isme girl ke liye kaun si post achhi rahti hai aur kitna cut off jata ahi

  57. Anu the post prefernces are already posted on ssc adda..plz chek will help u.

  58. Vartika mam, ssc cgl application takes name upto 30 characters only… my friend name has more than 30 characters. What to do?

  59. Hello Nolan
    You can skip some of the part of the name then take a affidavit of from tehsil at the time of interview.

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