Mathematics And Reasoning Questions Asked In RRB NTPC CBT 1 Exam : 28th December | Shift 1

What are the questions asked in the RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam from the Mathematics And Reasoning section? The railway is conducting the RRB NTPC CBT 1 examination for selecting the eligible candidates for the recruitment in Railway. ADDA247 has already provided the analysis for the RRB NTPC CBT 1 exam held on 28th December 2020 in Shift 1 but what are the questions asked in the exam? Aspirants who are yet to appear in the upcoming shifts must be looking forward to getting acquainted with the questions as that will help them in knowing the type of questions to be asked by the RRB. Now, we are providing you with the mathematics and reasoning question which was asked in the 1st shift of 28th December of the RRB NTPC CBT 1 examination.

RRB NTPC Exam Analysis 1st Shift for 28 Dec 2020: Today RRB NTPC Exam Review

  • The ratio of length and breadth of a rectangle is 2:1 and the perimeter is 48 cm. find the area?
  • Principal 2400, Simple Interest 640 for 4 years find the rate of interest?
  • Root 54 * root 125/ root 24 * root 45?
  • There are 70 Boys & 50 girls. 50 % of boys attended a function and 40 % of girls attended the function. how much % of students attended the party.
  • find the smallest number which when divided by 15,25,28 leaves the remainder 8 in each case?
  • Height of cylinder is 14 cm and curved surface area is 528 find volume?
  • Find the value of 5sin 75 sec15 + 3 cot 15 cot 75 + 2 tan 45
  • The ratio of CP & MP of a table is 3:4. Find the profit percentage if a 15 % discount is given?
  • Find the highest common divisor which divides 56 , 216 and 28
  • If HCF of two numbers is 12 and LCM of the same is 72. find the sum of the reciprocal of the two numbers if the sum of two numbers is 60?
  • The difference between CI & SI of principal P at the rate of 15% for 2 years is 3225 then find principle?
  • X & y together complete a work in 12 days. y and z complete the same un 18 days.z and x complete the same in 15 days then find the number of days in x,y and z together complete the work in?
  • Passing marks of an exam s 30 %. If a got 20 % of the total marks and failed by 72 marks then find the maximum marks of the examination.
  • 80 % of SP is equal to 60% of Cp then find profit or loss percentage.
  • Each side of a square is increased to 20 % then find the change in area of the square?
  • If cos A = 3/5 then find tan A?

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