Mathematics Quiz For RRB NTPC : 24th January 2020 | Geometry , Algebra And Profit & Loss

Q1. A, B and C can work together for Rs. 550/- A and B together are to do 7/11 of the work. The share of C should be?
(a) Rs. 200
(b) Rs. 300
(c) Rs. 400
(d) Rs. 450

Q2. In ∆ABC, the height CD intersects AB at D. The midpoints of AB and BC are P and Q respectively. If AD = 8 cm and CD = 6 cm, then the length of PQ is?
(a) 3 cm
(b) 7 cm
(c) 9 cm
(d) 5 cm

Q3. The price of a chair is Rs. 500. It has been sold at two succesive discounts of 10% each. What is its selling price?
(a) Rs. 400
(b) Rs. 405
(c) Rs. 415
(d) Rs. 425

Q4. The percent profit made when an article is sold for Rs. 78 is twice as much as when it is sold for Rs. 69, the cost price of the article is?
(a) Rs. 60
(b) Rs. 51
(c) Rs. 55.50
(d) Rs. 70

Q5. In a Village panchayat society 574 names are enlisted as ‘below poverty level’. If 14% of the villagers are below poverty level, the total number of villagers is?
(a) 4100
(b) 4200
(c) 4000
(d) 3800

Q6. A train 240 meters in length crosses a telegraph post in 16 seconds. The speed of the train is?
(a) 50 Km/hr
(b) 52 Km/hr
(c) 54 Km/hr
(d) 56 Km/hr

(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) – 1
(d) 2


Q9. From an external point two tangents to a circle are drawn. The chord passing through the points of contact subtends an angle 72° at the centre. The angle between the tangents is?
(a) 36°
(b) 72°
(c) 108°
(d) 144°

Q10. Length of three line segments is given. Is construction of a triangle possible with the segments in the given cases?
(a) 8 cm, 7 cm, 18 cm
(b) 8 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm
(c) 10 cm, 6 cm, 4 cm
(d) 8 cm, 10 cm, 20 cm


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