Mathematics Quiz For RRB NTPC : 19th February For Profit & Loss

Q1. If the cost price of 10 articles is equal to the selling price of 7 articles, then the gain or loss percent is:

Q2. A man purchases some oranges @3 for Rs. 40 and the same quantity @5 for Rs. 60. If he sells all the oranges @3 for Rs. 50. Find his gain or loss percent (to the nearest integer)
(a) 32% profit
(b) 31% loss
(c) 34% loss
(d) 31% profit

Q3. A trader marks his goods 20% above cost price but allows his customers a discount of 10%, the cost price of a blackboard, which is sold for Rs. 216, is
(a) Rs. 196
(b) Rs. 180
(c) Rs. 200
(d) Rs. 108

Q4. By selling 12 oranges for Rs. 1, a man loss 20%. How many oranges for Rs. 1 did he sell to earn 20% profit?
(a) 8 oranges
(b) 10 oranges
(c) 16 oranges
(d) 5 oranges

Q5. Ramesh marks his goods 30% above cost price. If sells the item for Rs. 910 after allowing a discount 15%. Find his cost price ?
(a)Rs. 823.5
(b)Rs. 758
(c)Rs. 814.2
(d)Rs. 856 .5

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Q6. A fan is listed at Rs. 1400 and the discount offered is 10%. What additional discount must be given to bring the net selling price to Rs. 1200 ?

Q7. If CP Rs. 2516 and SP is Rs. 2272, then percentage of loss is
(a) 8.71%
(b) 7.43%
(c) 9.69%
(d) 10.28%

Q8. A person sold an item for Rs 1680 and made a profit of 12%. What was the cost price of the item?
(a) Rs 1600
(b) Rs 1500
(c) Rs 1560
(d) Rs 1520

Q9. A sold a toy to B at a profit of 15% later on, B sold it back to A at a profit of 20%, thereby gaining Rs 552. How much did A pay for the toy originally?
(a) Rs 2560
(b) Rs 2760
(c) Rs 2800
(d) Rs 2400

Q10. If the ratio between the profit and sale price of an article is 1 : 5, then the ratio between the sale price and the cost price of that article is:
(a) 3 : 2
(b) 4 : 3
(c) 5 : 4
(d) 6 : 5



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