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  1. hello sir images are not screenreader friendly it cant read the images so plz for us dont upload images sir plz i hope you all understand thank you

  2. U ri8 bro…but trigonometry question format is much different & difficult to typing….that y mam pôster to upload imagens……in trigonometry degrees terás r dere…

  3. DM we did not find any such link on official site. As soon we get some official update, we will update it on SA!

  4. Yes ma'am notifications are so closer it's better to confirm it soon for preparing btw what topics may change ma'am??

  5. Hello mam,exam.was OK mam did only 97 out of 160 ..its nt as per my expectations ..nd did all of the 3 descriptive…

  6. 1-(b), 2-(b), 3-(d), 4-(c), 5-(d), 6-(a), 7-(c), 8-(a), 9-(b), 10-(c).

  7. If exam goes to on-line mode, then you can expect a huge change in reasoning section. For that to happen, we need to wait for the official notification to come!

  8. I need ur help mam..for my prep in a.way .I have nicl assistant on 26 dis month …nd at any how I wanna…u will guide me na mam??

  9. Hehehe 😛 me too forget that's why I request ma'am to post something regarding Trigonometry

  10. Bs doob Marne ki situation h yr…aaj jyada question ne attempt kr pae twinks..

  11. Yes sure dear. Practice is the key to succeed in Reasoning and Maths Section. For gk, have a look at the capsule and Hindu Review of past three months. Read newspaper for English section.

    Also solve daily quizzes on BA and SA. I am sure it will help you!

  12. # means plus
    cos (A#B)#cos (A-B)—2cosAcosB
    cOs (180-@)– -cos@
    Cos (60-8) #cos (60#8) # cos (180-8)—

  13. Mam I am doing…bs I need maximum.revision which is actually a mool.mantra for successs…the only to avoid negative marking…iski wajah se I already loose my important exams I know my point …I will definitely work for thus mam nd I have 22 more days to work on I will increase my.performance…

  14. Han bs inhi sb cheezo se seekh mil.jaye or.kya chahaiye…ab bs acha acha Karna hai dear

  15. exam tough tha aaj? m bhi bht tense hu next jo bhi exam aayega bas crack krna hi h ni toh 2016 se padhai stop.

  16. Q10
    sol… A+B=180.. B=180-A
    (Sin)^2 A -(Sin)^2 B =(Sin)^2 A +(Sin)^2(180-A)
    =(Sin)^2 A +(Sin)^2 A = 2*(Sin)^2 A

  17. Mine also on 26th… work hard…iam sure u will crack it….all d best….dont think on todays exam….

  18. thanks for posting trigo questions as many of cgl aspirants find this topic very difficult and pls take trigo and algebra quizzes regularly

  19. Hi Ankit, for English section, read newspaper daily. Also refer to book "Perfect Competitive English" by V K Sinha. I am sure this will help you in improving English.

  20. It will help : –
    A + B = 180
    sin^2 A + sin^2B = sin^2(A +B) = sin^2 180
    = sin(90 + 90)^2 = (cos90)^2 = 0

  21. i don't have any idea bro…. b/c i also want to b master in trigo & algebra…..
    i think u shd ask frm Ayushi mam…. she will guide u….

  22. From now iam a silent reader in s.a …only participate in quizes……waiting for after 12 th quizes…..sure i will participte….k all d best.

  23. sin^2 A + sin^2B = sin^2(A +B)

    how will it come bro…..
    plz don't like this in exam….

  24. 1st learn basics in trigonometry,,,,then practice practice practice,,,,iam sure u will be master in trigonometry..all d best

  25. Q8..
    Cos 52 + Cos 68 +Cos 172
    apply formula Cos C + Cos D

    Cos 52 + Cos 68 +Cos 172=
    2Cos(52+68/2)*Cos(68-52/2) +Cos(180-8)

    =2*Cos 60 * Cos 8 +(-Cos 8)
    =2*1/2 * Cos 8 -Cos 8
    =Cos 8 -Cos 8 = 0
    scroll down i have expl Q 10

  26. hey same best of luck dear dont worry kuch na kuch aacha hoga u know na what u have to do bus start preparing and thank ayushi mam will also follow the points which u gave..

  27. Hello shweta thanks ya m nt worrying yr bs now I have to prepare to get the best results..from where r u??

  28. Yes. it was….maths me.even DI was tough and calculative too..reasoning was moderate..go was OK. And English was east to.moderate

  29. achha hoga…. thodi aur labour kro… u will crack nicl asst…
    i also have nicl asst on 26th but i have another exam Revenue Officer exam on same day… so i will give RO

  30. Oh!! All the best to u to bs do areas focus krne hai accuracy with maximum attempts..

  31. Sad bht feel hota hai yr,,u know jis din clerk ka result aaya or mere liye sbse emotional or sad day tha…mai uncontrollable roe k 3-4 din se mera mood bht jyada upset hai…aaj jaa k bs thoda mind divert kr rahi hu….bs ab or sad nae …cut off was 125 nd I got work krna hai

  32. Hello ankit,yr abhi officially to kuch ne announce hua hai ,bt may b after 15 may fci will conduct exam ..bcoz koe form nikalne k 3 month k andar exam ho jata hai…

  33. i no yr situation ….
    nicl ao ko bhul jao aur ek naye sire se nicl asst ki preparation kro.. now u have 22 days
    focus on speed & accuracy

  34. Yes,,true …aaj hi hi lag k karna hai..22 days me ache se padhna h yr…u also prepare good for tier-2..all the best

  35. Leave that faltu typo people na…u can participate in quiz to gain knowledge…

  36. let (p/a) be A , (q/b) be B , (r/c) be C then the two equations are A+B+C = 1 and 1/A+1/B+1/C=0; which on simplification gives AB+BC+CA=0
    Now on squaring equation 1 from both sides;
    A^2+B^@+C^@+2AB+2BC+2CA = 1
    A^2+B^2+C^2+0 = 1
    (p/a)^2+(q/b)^2+(r/c)^2 = 1

  37. Hello shadow exam nt so bad nt so good i ll clr all section bt nt sure abt overall marks attempted 110 discreptive was also good
    Nd sry for late rply i reached home at 7:30 pm and was tired

  38. Rinku ji.. i don't use multimedia phone… that's y i hv attached image formed by paint …
    u can assume any quadrilateral such as square, rectangle, rhombus etc u will find same ans
    let in Quadrilateral AB =a, BC=b, CD=c, DA=d
    and in quadrilateral EFGH
    since E is mid point of OA and
    H ismid point of OH
    then EH=AB/2=d/2
    similarily EF=a/2
    FG=b/2, GH=c/2
    parimeter of quaABCD=(a+b+c+d)
    parimeter of quaEFGH=(a+b+c+d)/2
    required ratio =par EFGH/parABC

    if ans correct pzl reply

  39. simple hai
    sin(90-20) + cos(90-50)/cos 20 + sin 50
    or cos20 +sin50/ cos 20 +sin 50 =1

  40. Kiran publications please.. r s a Garway for verbal and non verbal.. English for Arihant

  41. ans for 10 is (a) i think because sin(180-A )lies i the second quadrant where sin is +ve… kindly correct me if i m wrong

  42. Bcz of local lang i got only 8 in intrvw in ibps clrk and missed overall cutoff by 2 marks
    now i hav naicl intrvw on 13th april…
    Here also local lang prob(i knw only read and write)
    any solution???

  43. Q5..
    (Sin 70 + Cos 40)/(Cos 20 +Sin 50)
    =(Sin(90-20)+Cos 40)/(Cos 20 +Sin(90-40))
    =(Cos 20 +Cos 40)/(Cos 20+ Cos 40)

  44. Q5..
    (Sin 70 + Cos 40)/(Cos 20 +Sin 50)
    =(Sin(90-20)+Cos 40)/(Cos 20 +Sin(90-40))
    =(Cos 20 +Cos 40)/(Cos 20+ Cos 40)

  45. A+B=180 => B=180-A

    now we can write,

    sin^2 B= (sin(180-A))^2=Sin^2 A


    Sin^2 A +Sin^2 B=Sin^2 A + Sin^2 A =2*Sin^2 A

  46. Q.6
    let y=(cos x+ sin x),then derivative it with respect to x,i.e.
    dy/dx = -sin x + cos x
    now for maximum value put dy/dx=0
    i.e. -sin x +cos x =0
    i.e. cos x = sin x
    i.e. x=45

    now ,sin x+cos x =2*sin x
    =2*sin 45=2*(1/sqrt 2)=sqrt 2

    *** it is actually a lengthy process.i compress it by step jump.

  47. Q.6
    you can put the options in the equation,since option (c) & (d) are not lie in 0 to 90. so just check for (a) & (b)..

    sin^2 x – 2*cos x+1/4
    = (1- cos^2 x)-2*cos x+1/4
    =5/4-(cos^2 x+2*cos x)
    =9/4-(cos^2 x+2*cos x+1)
    =(3/2)^2-(cos x+1)^2
    =(5/2+cos x)(1/2-cos x)
    either, or,
    5/2+cos x=0 1/2-cos x=0
    cos x=-5/2 cos x=1/2
    x= 60 degree.

  48. 2nd method….
    (SinX +CosX)
    =srt(2)[(1/srt2)*SinX +(1/srt2)*CosX ]
    as we know maximum value of SinX is 1
    so max value of Sin(X+pie/4) will also be 1
    (SinX +CosX) = srt(2)*1
    = srt(2)

  49. yeah if we find two or more value of X then we have to differentiate again… its very lengthy process

  50. Hey frnz any idea ssc ldc ka result kab declare hoga nd ibps v ka preliminary syllbus ka kuch idea..

  51. sin70 can be written as Sin (90-20)and Cos 40 as cos(90-50)so they are equal to COS 20 and Sin50

  52. ok i got it… actuly i thought que is Sin70 +(cos40/ cos 20) +sin 50….. jbki que tha (sin70+ Cos 40)/( cos 20 +sin 50)… thats y mujhe samjh hi nhi aya… but thankyu Hemant ji

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