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Math Questions For SSC CGL 2017

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Q1. A train covers a distance Between A and B in 45 minutes. If the speed is decreased by 5 km/hr, then it takes 48 minutes to cover the same distance. Find  the speed of a train? 
(a) 60 km, 75 km/hr
(b) 60 km, 80 km/hr
(c) 40 km, 80 km/hr
(d) 70 km, 75 km/hr

Q2.A train covers a distance between A and B in 48 minutes. The another train having speed 6 km/hr. less than the first train covers the distance B to A in 60 minutes. Find the distance between A and B?

(a) 24 km 
(b) 48 km 
(c) 40 km 
(d) 15 km 

Q3. The speed of two trains are in the ratio 7 : 9. They are moving in the opposite directions on parallel tracks. The first train crossed a telegraph pole in 4 seconds whereas the second train crossed the same pole in 6 seconds. Find the time taken by the train to cross each other completely. 
(a) 2 (1/6)seconds
(b) 3 (1/6)seconds
(c) 4 (2/8)seconds
(d) 5 (1/8)seconds

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Q5. A book vendor sold a book at a loss of 20%. Had he sold it for Rs. 108 more, he would have earned a profit of 30%. Find the cost price of the book?  
(a) Rs. 216
(b) Rs. 648
(c) Rs. 240
(d) Rs. 432 

Q6.An increase of Rs. 3 in the selling price of an article turns a loss of 7 (1/2)% into gain of 7 (1/2)%. The cost price (in Rs.) of an article is 
(a) 25
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 10

Q7. A book seller sells a book at a profit of 10%. If he had bought it at 4% less and sold it for Rs. 6 more, he would have gained 18 (3/4)%. The cost price of the book is 
(a) Rs. 130
(b) Rs. 140
(c) Rs. 150
(d) Rs. 160 

Q8. A shopkeeper bought 80 kg of sugar at the rate of Rs. 13.50 per kg. He mixed it with 120 kg of sugar costing Rs. 16 per kg. In order to make a profit of 20%, he must sell the mixture at 
(a)Rs. 18 per kg 
(b) Rs. 17 per kg 
(c) Rs. 16.40 per kg 
(d) Rs. 15 per kg 

Q9. By selling an article for Rs. 480 a person lost 20%. For what should he sell it to make a profit 20%? 
(a) R.s 800
(b) Rs. 760
(c) Rs. 720
(d) Rs. 680

Q10. In an election, every voter has to cast his vote for two candidates. Half of the total voters give one vote to A and other vote to B, C and D in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1. The half of the rest votes give one vote to B and other vote to C and D in the ratio 2 : 1. The half of the remaining voters give equal votes to C and D. other 840 voters did not cast their votes. Find the number of votes received by C.   
(a) 2000
(b) 6005
(c) 3080
(d) 3000 

Q11. A can finish a piece of work in 18 days and B can do the same work in 15 days, B worked for 10 days and left the job. In how many days, A alone can finish the remaining work? 
(a) 6 days 
(b) 5 (1/2)days
(c) 5 days 
(d) 8 days 

Q12. If the expenditure of gas on burning 6 burners for 6 hours a day for 8 days is Rs. 450, then how many burners can be used for 10 days at 5 hours a day for Rs. 625? 
(a) 12
(b) 16
(c) 4
(d) 8

Q13.A and B can do a job together in 12 days. A is 2 times as efficient as B. in how many days can B alone complete the work? 
(a) 18 days 
(b) 9 days
(c) 36 days
(d) 12 days

Q14. A can do a piece of work in 6 days. B is 25% more efficient than A. How long would B alone take to finish the work? 
(a) 4 (4/5)days
(b) 3 (1/3)days
(c) 5 (1/4)days
(d) 2 (2/3)days

Q15. A and B can complete a piece of work in 12 and 18 days respectively. A begins to do the work and they work alternatively one at a time for one day each. The whole work will be completed in
(a) 14 (1/3)days
(b) 15 (1/3)days
(c) 16 (1/3)days
(d) 18 (2/3)days
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