Learn Vocab With Daily News Articles For Govt Exams: 18th July

Dear Aspirants,
Daily Vocab For Various Competitive Exams: 25th June 2018
If we speak of hot topics like career, education and a propitious life, the English Language is ineluctable. In Exams like SSC CPO and and SSC CGL where dealing with English and General Awareness Section is mandatory, reading this way is beneficial. If you find it arduous to learn new words in a plain mode, ADDA247 is here to buttress your learning skills in a more fun and productive way.
Taking felicitous snippet from well reputed newspaper editorials, our motive is not just to make you learn the English language but keep you updated with the current affairs and events across the world which are important from the govt exams point of view. Either you are a job aspirant or a working person or just want to outsmart others, this is a befitting platform to expedite your performance thoroughly.

1. Culminate: (verb)  : समापन
Meaning: to bring to a triumphant conclusion
Synonyms: cap (off), climax, crown
Antonyms: complete, conclude, finish, round (off or out), terminate, wrap up
Usage: The holiday parade will culminate with the arrival of Santa Claus on his sleigh.

2. Axiom : (noun) : स्वयंसिद्ध
Meaning: a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
Synonyms: adage, dictum, maxim, aphorism, precept, proverb, theorem
Antonyms: absurdity, ambiguity, foolishness, nonsense, paradox
Usage: According to the axiom, all men have equal worth.

3.Scoff: (verb) : मजाक उड़ाना
Meaning: make fun of, despise
Synonyms: belittle, deride, jeer, mock, reject, ridicule, scorn, sneer, contemn
Antonyms: approve, compliment, flatter, praise, admire, commend, believe
Usage: The rude little rich girl thought it was fun to scoff at the poor children at her school.

4. Scuffle: (noun) : हाथापाई
Meaning: a physical dispute between opposing individuals or groups
Synonyms: battle, clash, combat, conflict, contest, dustup, fight, fracas, fray, hassle, scrap, scrimmage, skirmish, struggle, tussle
Antonyms: truce
Usage: It is expected for the friends to get into a light scuffle over their chores, but no one got hurt

5. Disdain: (noun) : तिरस्कार
Meaning: open dislike for someone or something considered unworthy of one’s concern or respect
Synonyms: contempt, contemptuousness, despisement, despite, despitefulness, scorn
Antonyms: admiration, esteem, estimation, favor, regard, respect
Usage: The mother was in complete disdain after finding out her son failed the sixth grade again.

6. Obliterate: (verb) : मिटाना
Meaning: to destroy all traces of
Synonyms: abolish, annihilate, black out, blot out, cancel, clean (up), efface, eradicate, erase, expunge, exterminate, extirpate, liquidate, root (out), rub out, snuff (out), stamp (out), sweep (away)
Antonyms: conserve, preserve, protect, save, build, construct, create, fabricate, fashion, forge, form, frame, make, manufacture, shape, fix, mend, patch, rebuild, recondition, reconstruct, renew, renovate, repair, restore, revamp
Usage: Several were completely obliterated and turned into parks.

7. Prescient: (adjective) : पूर्वज्ञान रखनेवाला
Meaning: having or showing awareness of and preparation for the future
Synonyms: farseeing, farsighted, forehanded, foreseeing, foresighted, forward, forward-looking, proactive, provident, visionary
Antonyms: half-baked, half-cocked, improvident, myopic, shortsighted
Usage: Prescient environmentalists and politicians who long ago made sure that these beautiful areas would forever be spared from development

8. Besmirch: (verb) : गंदा करना
Meaning: to make dirty
Synonyms: befoul, begrime, bemire, blacken, daub, dirty, foul, grime, mire, muck, muddy, smirch, smudge, soil, stain, sully
Antonyms: clean, cleanse
Usage: After being kicked out of the country club, Marcus did everything within his power to besmirch the name of the establishment.

9. Smattering: (noun) : कम संख्या में
Meaning: a small number
Synonyms: couple, few, handful, scatter, scattering, smatter, sprinkle, sprinkling
Antonyms: army, crowd, flock, horde, host, legion, loads, many, mountain, multitude, oodles, scads
Usage:  He spoke a smattering of words she didn’t understand.

10. Lunacy: (noun) : पागलपन
Meaning: a foolish act or idea
Synonyms: absurdity, asininity, fatuity, folly, foolery, foppery, idiocy, imbecility, inanity, insanity, stupidity
Antonyms: discretion, forethought, prudence, sagacity, wisdom, brainstorm, inspiration
Usage: It only shows lunacy to drive in this storm.

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