International Widows Day: 23rd June: History & Significance

International Widows Day: Losing the life partner is not just draining episode emotion-wise, but also in a number of other ways. The situation is much more traumatic for women, especially in the developing countries of the world. There are a number of women across the world who are dependent on their husbands financially and also for many other reasons. Suddenly, getting into such a condition of losing the husband breaks lets the whole sky crashing through. Though the family is there to take care, there are many places across the world where widows are tormented and are not considered to be the same person who she was earlier. 

International Widow’s Day is observed for such widows who have been tormented since the day their husbands have died. Each year, International Widow’s Day is observed on the 23rd of June. 

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Introduction of International Widow’s Day

Women are considered to be inferior to men even in the most developed societies. Though today women are successful and are capable of doing almost everything, still the taboo is there in the minds of many people. Due to such a taboo, other odd thoughts such as that for the widow’s arise. 

Raj Loomba introduced the concept of widow’s day through the Loomba Foundation in the year 2005. He chose 23rd June to be the date because his mother became a widow on that particular date. The aim of the Foundation to start such a day was to look out to the widows who are left alone and are not supported by others in their hardships. 

Though the introduction of Widow’s Day was in the year 2005, it finally got its recognition as International Widow’s Day in the year 2011 after a conference in the headquarters of the United Nations. 

The day is not a holiday or celebration even, rather a day of observation to spread awareness about the hardships that a widow goes through. 

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Why International Widow’s Day is observed?

After getting married, the women change her surname with the husband’s surname, as per the custom in almost all the countries across the globe. Of course, there are a number of empowered women who do not wish to change their surnames and that is by their choice. But maximum of the times, things are followed as per the custom.

Such women when lose their husbands, have to face a lot of hardships and difficulties in life, especially in developing countries. Some of the common problems that the widows face are financial crisis, emotional drainage, violence from the family, and others in different ways, health-related concerns that remain unaddressed. 

Men who have been in Government jobs often have the facility that the Government offers pension to their wives after their death. But there is no such help or support for those women whose husbands were not a Government employee. There have been only a few of the lucky women who have the support of the family throughout life. But there are also many widows who are tortured and tormented by the family members in different ways, ultimately leading to a miserable life. 

International Widow’s Day is a step towards understanding the sufferings of the widows and raising awareness towards such an issue. 

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How is International Widow’s Day observed?

The day is not a holiday or something that required events to be organized or so. It is the day to raise awareness among people on how to treat the widows of the family. There have been different campaigns that spread awareness of the miserable conditions of the widows in different places and educate many families to treat the widows in the family in the right way. 

Also, there are many NGOs and other organizations that work for the rights of the widows and children who suffer the consequences too at times. There are different NGOs that offer employment to the widows and hence try to help and support them financially so that they can become self-dependent and can move ahead in life. 

The day is also there to make the Government of different nations think about this concern and to come up with laws and rules that can benefit the widows of the country. Also, programs to eradicate violence against widows are run reach out to the right organizations who can provide proper help for the issue. 

International Widow’s Day FAQs

Q1. Is International Widow’s Day observed across the globe?

Answer: Yes, the United Nations considered 23rd June to be observed as International Widow’s day throughout the globe.

Q2. How can I contribute towards International Widow’s Day?

Answer: The best way is to bring some good change in the life of a widow in your family or around you.

Q3. Can donations help in supporting widows?

Answer: Yes, there are different NGOs that run campaigns and programs to support widows and you can donate them for the cause. 


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