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International Happiness Day: 20th March

20th March is the International Day of Happiness. As we are facing a global crisis together, let’s find positive ways to look after ourselves and each other. We should know that happiness gets connected with the well being of the person. Hence you have to work towards changing the outlook towards life. When we prioritize joy, we know it will help not only us but even people around us respond to it positively. As you know, happiness gets spread and increases manifold.

We can capitalize on world happiness day and make the difference for ourselves but to many others as well. A lot of world leaders have figured out that that happiness is one of the fundamental goals that have to get set for every nation, which can automatically increase the productivity and longevity of the lives of the people. The effect can see that people will have lesser ailments and be free from a lot of mental illnesses as well.

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How it impacts the world

Happiness gives the person or the people as a whole when speaking for an entire nation can provide a balanced approach in thought and action. Every year there is a focus on a certain aspect of happiness. It can be from relationships, reclaim happiness, happy heroes, and many such themes get taken up year after year so that people have a goal to focus and work towards and fulfill them.

The feeling of disconnect has happened with people migrating to work, nuclear families, technology, etc. all have contributed to the growing distances between people. It leads to loneliness, which can be devastating to the state of mind; people forget to be happy as they aren’t around people. Joy becomes infinite when loved ones surround you. World happiness day reminds you of just that and much more, so go ahead celebrate this March.

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