Dear SA’ians,
As We have a huge number of Railway Recruitment in different zone on different designations like ASM, TC, Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice and many more. The exam pattern of RRB Boards is quite similar to SSC but have some variations question standard. By today SA team is going to initiate a special quiz for Railway, which comprises of Maths, Reasoning, General Study Test. Railway quiz will be helpful for all competitive exams.
 And one more thing is that all of you know, only study is not enough to crack the exam , its up to your practice…!!

1. The minimum length of a passenger platform for broad gauge railway should not be less than:
(a) 305 m
(b) 183 m
(c) 495 m
(d) 250 m

2. Generally the shape of fish plate is:
(a) elliptical
(b) bone shaped
(c) circular
(d) rectangular

3. For wooden sleepers, size of the ballast should be:
(a) 2.54 cm
(b) 10.16 cm
(c) 3.8 cm
(d) 5.1 cm

4. The length of track under the control of a Ganger is:
(a) 10 to 15 Km
(b) 5 to 6 KM
(c) 3 to 5 KM
(d) 1 to 2 KM

5. The maximum rising gradient which is provided keeping the power of locomotive in view, is called
(a) Momentum gradient
(b) Pusher gradient
(c) Down gradient
(d) Ruling gradient

6. The latest system of signaling introduced is:
(a) C.T.C. system
(b) pilot guard system
(c) section clear system
(d) automatic block system

7. Detonating signals are used:
(a) for noisy engines
(b) during foggy and cloudy weather
(c) for deaf drivers
(d) not now, were in use in nineteenth century only

8. The number of fish bolts used for joining the rails with the help of fish plates, is generally:
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 2
(d) 6

9. The Railways provided underground at a depth of about 18 m or more are called:
(a) Mono railway
(b) Underground railway
(c) Railway
(d) Tube railway

10. The art of providing an outward slope of …. to the treads of wheels of rolling stock is known as coning of wheels.
(a) 1 in 30
(b) 1 in 10
(c) 1 in 4
(d) 1 in 20

11. The process of connecting a track length by an electric circuit is known as track circuiting and the sleepers which are suitable for it are:
(a) cast iron sleepers
(b) steel sleepers
(c) wooden sleepers
(d) all above are suitable

12. The movable tapered end of the tongue rail is known as:
(a) heel of switch
(b) toe of switch
(c) stretcher bar
(d) throw of switch

13. The yard where trains and other loads are received, sorted out, trains formed and dispatched onwards are known as:
(a) locomotive yard
(b) goods yard
(c) marshalling yard
(d) station yard

14. Wider gauge permits:
(a) sleeper gradients
(b) low axle load
(c) higher operating speeds
(d) sharp curves

15. Which one of the following is expected to have shorter life?
(a) Steam engine
(b) Diesel engine
(c) Electric engine
(d) Shunting engine

Answers Key: