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Previous Year Quant Questions SSC CGL Tier-II Exam 2017

Dear students, you know QUANT is a scoring portion and every chapter is important. So, we provide 15 miscellaneous questions of different topics of Quant. Solve all these quizzes every day so that you can improve your accuracy and speed. We also provide chapter wise QUANT QUESTIONS .so you can practise the chapter that takes more time to solve the QUESTIONS.
Q1. The cost of 8 pens and 4 pencils are Rs.176 and the cost of 2 pens and 2 pencils are Rs.48. What is the cost of one pen?
(a) Rs.16
(b) Rs.14
(c) Rs.12
(d) Rs.20


Q3. The profit earned after selling a wrist watch for Rs. 4080 is the same as loss incurred after selling the same wrist watch for Rs. 3650. What is the cost price of the wrist watch?
(a) Rs.3785
(b) Rs.3800
(c) Rs.3775
(d) Rs.3865

Q4. The difference between the present ages of Arun and Deepak is 14 yr. Seven years ago, the ratio of their ages was 5 : 7 respectively. What is Deepak’s present age?
(a) 56 yr
(b) 42 yr
(c) 63 yr
(d) 35 yr
Q5. a, b, c, d and e are 5 consecutive even numbers. If the sum of ‘a’ and ‘d’ is 162, then what is the sum of all the numbers?
(a) 400
(b) 380
(c) 420
(d) 410

Q7. The average marks in Science subject of a class of 20 students is 68. If the marks of two students were misread as 48 and 65 instead of the actual marks 72 and 61 respectively, what would be the correct average?

Q8. The manufacturer of an article makes a profit of 5%, the wholesale dealer makes a profit of 10%, and the retailer makes a profit of 15%. Find the manufacturing price of the article if the retailer sold it for Rs. 5313.
(a) Rs. 4000
(b) Rs. 4500
(c) Rs. 5000
(d) Rs. 4950

Q9. Three friends A,B and C begin to jog around a circular stadium and they complete their revolution in 54 seconds, 42 seconds, and 63 seconds respectively. After approximately how many minutes will they take to come together at the starting point?
(a) 6 min 18 sec
(b) 6 min 12 sec
(c) 5 min 45 sec
(d) 6 min

Q10. The angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio of 2:4:7:5. The smallest angle of the quadrilateral is equal to the smallest angle of a triangle. One of the angle of the triangle is twice the smallest angle of the triangle. What is the second largest angle of the triangle?
(a) 75
(b) 60
(c) 50
(d) 80

Q11. Deepa rides her bike at an average speed of 30 kmph and reaches her destination in 6 hours. Hema covers the same distance in 4 hours. If Deepa increases her average speed by 10 kmph and Hema increases her average speed by 5 kmph, what would be the difference in their time taken to reach the destination?
(a)44 min
(b)40 min
(c)50 min
(d)54 min


Q14. An open box is made of wood 2 cm thick. Its internal dimension is 86 cm × 46 cm × 38 cm. What is the cost of painting the outer surface of this box @ Rs. 10 per  ?
(a) Rs. 12.35
(b) Rs. 8.85
(c) Rs. 15.70
(d) Rs. 16.50
Q15. A copper wire when bent in the form of a square encloses an area of 121m2.  If the same wire is bent to form a circle, the area enclosed by it would be
(a) 124 m2
(b) 136 m2
(c) 154 m2
(d) 184 m2
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