Important Phrasal Verbs

ask someone out
invite on a date
Why don’t you ask
Carla out 
to dinner?

 ask around
ask different people
asked around but
nobody is helping.
add up to something
to combine
Your savings
will add up over time.

back something up
Back up your truck so I park.
back someone up
We will back
you up
blow up
They blew up the
blow something up
add air
Blow up the balloons.
break up
to separate
Katie broke up with
her boyfriend.
break down
stop functioning
My car broke
 in the middle of the road.
break something down
divide into smaller
Break it down so we can understand better.
break in
Entering by force
The thief must
have broken in from the back door.
break into
enter by force
Someone broke
 my car yesterday night.
break out
Michael broke
 of Fox River penitentiary.
bring someone down
make unhappy
Don’t let your
relationship bring you down.
bring up
to raise
Jessica was brought
 by her grandparents.
bring something up
start talking about a
You shouldn’t bring
 this subject when you are in public.
call around
phone different people
I was calling
 all morning to book our flights.
call someone back
return a phone call
I will call
you back
 when I finish my homework.
call something off
It’s false alarm, you
can call it off.
call someone up
Call me up when you are in town.
calm down
to relax
You can’t think right,
you need to calm down.
catch up
get to the same point
You two start running,
I will catch up to you.
check in
arrive and register
Let’s check in first
and then we can go to the rooms.
check out
leave a hotel>
Wait for me, I need
to check out and return the keys.
someone/something out
look at carefully, to
They are checking
us out
 before hiring.
check out
look at td>
Check out that girl with blue shirt.
cheer one up
make happier
Don’t worry, I know
how to cheer her up.
chip in
Everybody chipped
 to gather that much money.
clean up
to clean, tidy
Clean up your bedroom tonight.
come across
find unexpectedly
came across these
old photos when I was cleaning up my room.
come apart
The sides of the
box come apart.
come forward
to volunteer
I will award
whomever comes forward for this job.
come up with
think of
Russell came
up with
 a brilliant idea.
count on
rely on
I can count on this
phrasal verbs list for tomorrow’s grammar quiz.
cross something out
draw a line through
Please cross
those numbers out
, they are invalid.
cut down
make something fall to
the ground
They cut down all
the trees.
cut in
I couldn’t have a nice
conversation with him because his friend kept on cutting in.
cut off
remove with something
They will cut
 the stitches next week.
cut off
stop providing
Are you saying that
you couldn’t do the homework because the electricity was cut off?


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    » Oldest National Flag
    – Denmark

    » Oldest Plant
    – Rose

    » Oldest Capital City
    – Damascus

    » Fastest Bird
    – Swift

    » Fastest Planet
    – Mercury

    » Fastest Land Animal
    – Cheetah

    » Shortest River
    – Roe (Montana)

    » Hottest Planet
    – Venus

    » Lowest Point on Earth
    – Dead Sea

    » Lowest Temperature
    – Absolute Zero (-273oC)

    » Least Populous City
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    » Most Poisonous Fish
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    » Coldest Place
    – Vostok (Antarctica)

    » Strongest Natural Fibre
    – Silk

    » Widest Bridge
    – Sydney Harbour Bridge

    » Busiest Airport
    – Chicago O'Hare International Airport

    » Coldest Planet
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  33. Mam I am new to this SA.
    I completed my B.Tech in 7years. Can I apply this SSC CGL2015? And Is their any problem while I attend in Interview?
    Plz tell mee..

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