Advanced maths Quiz ( Geometry)

1. If ABCD is a  parallelogram in which P and Q are the centroid of triangle ABD and triangle BCD , then PQ equals :

2. Two  parallelograms stand on equal bases and between the same parallels. The ratio of their areas is :
A. 1:1
B. 2:1
C. 1:3
D. 1:2
3.ABCD is parallelogram and M is the mid-point of BC.AB and DM are produced to meet at N, then :
A. AN = 3AB
B. AN = 2AB
C. AN = 3/2AB
D. None of these
4. Diagonals of a parallelogram are 8 m and 6 m respectively . If one of side is 5 m , then the area of parallelogram is :
A. 18 msq
B. 30msq
C. 24msq
D. 48msq
5. The measures of the angle of  quadrilateral taken in order are proportional to 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 then the quadrilateral is :
A. parallelogram
B. Trapezium
C. Rectangle
D. Rhombus
6. In a parallelogram ABCD , bisectors of consecutive angles A and B intersect at P. find the measure of angle APB :
A. 90
B. 60
C. 120
D. data insufficient

7. The sides of triangle are 12 cm, 8 cm and 6 cm. respectively, the triangle is :
A. acute
B. obtuse
C. right
D. can’t determined
8. The point in the plane of a triangle which is at equal perpendicular distance from the sides of the triangle is :
A. Centroid
B. Incentre
C. Circumcentre
D. Orthcentre
9.If D is such a point on the side, BC of triangleABC that AB/AC=BD/CD then 
AD must be a/an : 
A. altitude of triangleABC
B. median of triangle ABC
C. angle bisector of ABC
D. perpendicular bisector of ABC
10. An angle is 30 more than one half of its complement. find the angle in degree : 
A. 60
B. 50
C. 45
D. 80


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