Important Idioms for the SSC CGL 2017

Hello, Greetings!! Dear Students, At SSC ADDA, we’ve launched our SSC CGL 2017 Campaign. In order to achieve success in the CGL-17 exam, we’ve decided to post ENGLISH QUIZ. Every Day, We’ll post different topics, these quizzes will help you a lot in your complete preparation for the Exam. 

Directions (1-15): In each of the following questions an idiomatic expression and its four possible meanings are given. Find out the correct meaning of the idiomatic expression and mark the number of that meaning as your answer on the answer sheet.
Q1. Back out  
(a) step aside
(b) pack up
(c) support
(d) withdraw from

Q2. Back up

(a) stay behind
(b) give moral support
(c) back-bencher
(d) pull back from
Q3. Bandy words with
(a) argue
(b) oratory
(c) speech enthusiast
(d) linguistic acumen
Q4. Be down and out
(a) be destitute
(b) be tipsy
(c) over-drinking
(d) rivalry
Q5. Be down in the dumps
(a) to fall down
(b) to fall from grace
(c) ever ready to take on
(d) appear miserable
Q6. Be out of the blue
(a) lighting
(b) suddenly
(c) euphoria
(d) come out of gloom
Q7. Be to the fore
(a) to the brim
(b) pre-apprehension
(c) be prominent
(d) to take the lead
Q8. Be on one’s knee
(a) kneel down to pray
(b) kneel down to great
(c) kneel down to kiss
(d) kneel down to pick up a thing
Q9. Curl one’s lip
(a) show something good
(b) show scorn
(c) show scope
(d) show score
Q10. Put a spoke in one’s wheel
(a) obstruct progress
(b) grinder
(c) help someone to progress
(d) help someone with advice
Q11. To be at the zenith of
(a) to die an immature death
(b) to be succumbed to, one’s flattery
(c) be at the peak of
(d) face difficulty boldly
Q12. Have a screw loose
(a) be mad
(b) be disturbed or slightly mad
(c) be screw less
(d) accept a defective item
Q13. A pipe dream  
(a) a day dream
(b) a hope or plan that will never come true
(c) an unending dream
(d) a nightmare
Q14. Piping hot  
(a) steaming hot
(b) dreaming hot
(c) rancour
(d) extreme anger
Q15. Plain speaking
(a) spilling the beans
(b) telling nonsense
(c) telling the truth
(d) revealing the secret



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