Important Idioms And Phrase

We have selected these Idioms
and Phrases
 for maximum usefulness. All these have appeared in recent
years in different exams. it can be helpful in upcoming exams

 1. An eye for an
Meaning: Punishment as severe as the
crime or injury
Example: In some countries punishment
still follows the principle of an eye for an eye.

2. In the eyes of law
Meaning: From the legal viewpoint
Example: In the eyes of law your second
marriage is illegal.
3.  See eye to eye
Meaning: To agree
Example: I can’t see eye to eye with you
on this issue.
4.  In the mind’s eye
Meaning: In imagination
Example: The poet sees even distant
things clearly in the mind’s eye.
5.  Pull a long face
Meaning: To look sad
Example: He pulled a long face at not
being taken to the cinema.
6.  Face the music
Meaning: To be ready to face the
Example: If I have committed the mistake,
I must face the music.
7.  Take a fancy to
Meaning: Like someone
Example: He has taken a strong fancy to
his new pet dog.
8.  Come into fashion
Meaning: become fashionable
Example: High heels have come into
fashion again.
9.  Play fast and loose
Meaning: To change one’s attitude towards
someone often
Example: He played fast and loose with
his girl friend.
10.  A feather in one’s cap
Meaning: An achievement to be proud of

Example: The successful launching of a
father and you can find them at the races every day.

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  1. No
    Tier 1 200
    Tier 2 200+200
    Interview 100
    Total 700
    Avg hard worker can score=510
    Income tax~520
    Topper 2013~586

  2. Which type of coal has the fewest impurities and the highest calorific content? [A]Bituminous [B]Lignite [C]Anthracite [D]Peat

  3. . Lysosomes, which are known as suicide bags, are produced by which organelle? [A]Mitochondria [B]Golgi body [C]Ribosome [D]Peroxisome

  4. 3. The Wohlwill process is an electrolytic process used to refine ____? [A]Silver [B]Copper [C]Gold [D]Iron

  5. Anthracite, also called hard coal, the most highly metamorphosed form of coal. It contains more fixed carbon than any other form of coal and the least amount of volatile matter and it has calorific values near 35 mega joules per kilogram

  6. Which of the following preservatives is most commonly used to preserve meat products? [A]Sodium benzoate [B]Potassium bromated [C]Sodium nitrate [D]Butylated hydroxytoluene

  7. naa bhai abi itna lucky ni ho paaya hu? ibps clrk me interview out? nd tm?? tmhara b clrk rah gya na, kali ne btaya yaar. 🙁 🙁

  8. In terms of percentage, which of the following metals has highest composition in Polymetalic nodules? [A]Manganese [B]Iron [C]Nickel [D]Copper

  9. ohh so sad,,, yr mera ibps clerk to qualify ho gya tha….pnb mila h…,,, ab bs cgl 15 ki prepration krni h…. cgl 14 kch ho nhi rha..

  10. 6. Which among the following are primary components of Syngas, or synthesis gas? [A]Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen [B]Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen [C]Methane, Hydrogen [D]Carbon Monoxide, Methane

  11. . The “NuSTAR” is a space based X-ray telescope designed by NASA to study ___? [A]Comets [B]Black Holes [C]Asteroids [D]Dwarf Planets

  12. thanku bhai..,, haa qualify ho gya tha..mera quota h naa eslie…,,, total 330 ban rhe…kch nhi hoga itne m…

  13. hmmm yaar. koi ni ek experience le liya h now we have to nail cgl 15 yaar. bahut frustrtn ho raha h ab…

  14. . The Line Probe Assay (LPA) and Cartridge Based Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (CBNAAT) are the new diagnostic technologies used globally to determine which one of the following diseases? [A]Tuberculosis [B]Malaria [C]HIV/AIDS [D]Dengue

  15. 9. Ebb and Flow is the name of a mission related to : [A] NATO [B] NASA [C] CERN [D]European Science Organization

  16. 10. What is the allowed value for the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of mobile handsets? [A]1.6 watt/kg averaged over 10 grams of human tissue [B]1.8 watt/kg averaged over 10 grams of human tissue [C]1.6 watt/kg averaged over 1 gram of human tissue [D]1.8 watt/kg averaged over 1 gram of human tissue

  17. bhai tum mil gye nd kali b two days pahle hi mila h, ab to waapas quiz krenge yaar…

  18. haa kia to h…but man nhi kr rha mera dene ka,,,, mera ibps IT officer bs 0.4 marks se rah gyaaa :((

  19. if the length of each of two equal sides of an isosceles triangle is 10 cm. and the adjacent angle is 45 degree. then the area of the triangle ??

  20. hi sorry for this irrelevant reply to your que. have you filled ssc cgl form and are you working somewhere?

  21. isocsls triangle right angld triangle b h….

    to jo do sides h unme se ek base hoga dusra perpendicular, to third side hypo hoga to hum wo find kr lenge wo aayega 10 root 2. ab top se ek altitude daalo base pe to wo hypo waali side equal parts me divide hongi means 5 root 2. phr pythagoras lga k height of altitude find kro nd area ka formula lga do
    A= 1/2 * base * height.
    hope smjh paao jaha na smjho waha puch lena bhai

  22. lolz its ok i didnt mind! well can you explain why simple 1/2*b*h fomula cannot be applied here?

  23. the area of parallelogram whose length is 30 cm, width is 20 cm and one diagonal is 40 cm is………

  24. ek baat batao are isocles triangle hai aur right angle triangle hai to 10 base and alitude bhi 10 hoga to ans 50 aana chahiye

  25. u must be having frnz here who are working presently and has applied for ssc cgl! actualyy m confused what to fill in work exp date!

  26. ek baat batao are isocles triangle hai aur right angle triangle hai to 10 base and alitude bhi 10 hoga to ans 50 aana chahiye

  27. bro it's right angle triangle so height and base is clear =10 hypo=10sqrt(2)
    so area =0.5*base*height
    = 0.5*100= 50 cm^2?

  28. pta m kya soch rha..k ye jo angle dia h….vo dono equal sides k bech ka angle h

  29. its just m presently working somewhere ! and in formthey have work experience column with heading from to! so what to fill in TO DATE. i havent left the job

  30. no ans is 25 root 2…. option m hi nhi h 50..,, or ye ques cgl 14 tier -2 ka h

  31. the nikhil sir ka solution bhi to right angles par based hai! fir we cnt use that even

  32. ye kya ho rha hai north region mein…..form fill kiya to iss baar roll number aa gya sath mein..yaha tak to thik hai …lekin aaj dobara se print out liya to roll number hi change hoi gaya hai………..aise kitne logo k sath hua hai

  33. Many a man was injured./Many a man were injured.
    Which one is correct and why?? Please explain

  34. abcd parallelogram

    AB = 30
    AD= 20
    BD = 40
    so in triangle ABD
    s= 1/2(30+20+50)
    s= 45
    apply heron's formula
    and area of ABCD = 2*ABD

  35. Many a man was injured is correct.

    Rule- Many + a/an + singular noun + singular verb

  36. Can anyone please tell me how I would able to get obc & non creamy layer certificate in Rajasthan!!

  37. my height is 161 cm. but unintentionally prefer for SI OF NIA(19th preferance) which requires 170 cm height. will it create any problem?? and when height is mesured?? please reply..

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