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Important Idiom Questions for Intelligence Bureau Exam 2017

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Dear Students, English section of Intelligence Bureau is very challenging. You need to mug up all the grammar rules, vocabulary and practice a lot of mock tests to score maximum marks. Today, in this English quiz we are providing questions based on Idioms. Attempt this quiz, learn better and be prepared for the Intelligence Bureau 2017 Exam.
Directions (1-15): In each question, a sentence is given in which an idiom is used. The idiomatic phrase is in BOLD. Four possible meanings of the idioms are also given. Mark the number of the correct meaning as your answer.
Q1. Our teacher will throw a fit when she sees our performance in the examination.
(a) become annoyed
(b) punish cruelly
(c) become serious
(d) become extremely angry
Q2. The rank and file in the medical department were surprised by the sudden visit of the health minister.
(a) the ignorant
(b) the experts
(c) ordinary people without any special position in an organization
(d) the departmental heads
Q3. The change of management left the employees with Hobson’s choice – a resignation or forcibly adjusting to the new rules.
(a) a situation where there is no choice
(b) danger and risk
(c) indecisiveness
(d) variety of choices
Q4. Although he was innocent, the affair put him under the cloud till the case was proved.
(a) behind the bars
(b) under suspicion
(c) into bad reputation
(d) in deep unrest
Q5. She was looking down in the mouth when she went to stay in a hostel for the first time.
(a) thrilled and jubilant
(b) alert and attentive
(c) careful and cautious
(d) unhappy and depressed
Q6. The earthquake in Gujarat followed by the communal strife has brought business to a standstill.
(a) destroyed completely
(b) revived with new force
(c) caused to stop
(d) made profitable
Q7. In times of inflation, the daily wage earners find it difficult to keep body and soul together.
(a) to find a job
(b) to maintain bare existence
(c) to make profit
(d) to save money
Q8. Unless bad habits are nipped in the bud, they become insurmountable.
(a) allowed to grow
(b) demolished
(c) multiplied
(d) destroyed at an early stage
Q9. As he is a known gossiper, what he says must be taken with a pinch of salt.
(a) believed with reservation
(b) believed completely
(c) trusted
(d) supported
Q10. His friends gave him the cold shoulder when he lost all his wealth in gambling.
(a) refused to talk
(b) continued to helped
(c) rendered emotional support
(d) treated in an unfriendly manner
Q11. He was cut to the quick when he learned that his faithful servant had betrayed him for money.
(a) wounded physically
(b) angered
(c) deeply hurt
(d) impressed
Q12. He began to give himself airs after he returned from his stint abroad.
(a) be generous
(b) be arrogant
(c) win other’s admiration
(d) be helpful
Q13. Newspapers often bring to light the corrupt practices of politicians.
(a) reveal
(b) hide
(c) criticize
(d) ignore
Q14. Within two years of his father’s death, he had made ducks and drakes of his large inheritance.
(a) invested wisely
(b) distributed generously
(c) multiplied
(d) spent foolishly
Q15. In times of depression, businessmen have to struggle to keep their heads above water.
(a) make profit
(b) find employees
(c) avoid bankruptcy
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