Important General Science Quiz For Railway And SSC exams

1. Part of plant which is important for the life cycle of plant is 
(a) fruit
(b) bud
(c) flower
(d) stem

2. Aneuophily pollination takes place by 
(a) animal
(b) insects
(c) wind
(d) water

3. How can boiling point of a liquid be reduced?
(a) By adding a solid of lower melting point
(b) By dissolving a soluble solid in it
(c) By increasing the pressure on the liquid
(d) By decreasing the pressure on the liquid

4. A person can not see clearly objects at a distance less than 100 cm. The power of the spectacles required to see clearly objects at 25 cm is
(a) + 1D
(b) + 3D
(c) +4 D
(d) +2 D

5. Which of the following could be digital input devices for computers?
(a) Digital camcorder
(b) Microphone
(c) Scanner
(d) All of these

6. What is keyboards used for?
(a) Input tent and numbers and send commands to the computer
(b) To create new keys to use with your computer
(c) To open the computer up
(d) To create pictures and images and send them to your computer

7. The constituent particle of a nucleus in an atom are
(a) electron and proton
(b) proton and neutron
(c) electron and neutron
(d) electron, proton and neutron

8. The α-particles are
(a) high energy electrons
(b) positively charged hydrogen ions
(c) high energy X-ray radiations
(d) double positively charged helium nuclei

9. The difference between a nuclear reactor and atomic bomb is that
(a) no chain reaction takes place in nuclear reactor while in the atomic bomb there is a chain reaction
(b) the chain reaction in nuclear reactor is controlled
(c) the chain reaction in nuclear reactor is not controlled
(d) non-chain reaction takes place in atomic bomb while it takes place in nuclear reactor

10.What are the types of bonds present in 
(a) Electrovalent and covalent
(b) Electrovalent and co-ordinate
(c) Electrovalent, covalent, co-ordinate and hydrogen bond
(d) Covalent and co-ordinate covalent

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