Important General Awareness Questions for SSC & Railway Exam 2018: 11th August

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Q1. Sulphur Dioxide pollution is indicated by an excessive growth of which of the following? निम्नलिखित में से किस की अत्यधिक वृद्धि से सल्फर डाइऑक्साइड प्रदूषण के संकेत मिलते है?

Algal Blooms/ एल्गल ब्लूम्स
Lichens/ लाइकेन
Bryophytes/ ब्रायोफाइट्स
Protozoa/ प्रोटोजोआ

The hardy lichens are useful bioindicators for air pollution, espeially sulfur dioxide pollution, since they derive their water and essential nutrients mainly from the atmosphere rather than from the soil. It also helps that they are able to react to air pollutants all year round.

Q2. Evidence suggests that life on Earth has existed for about _____________. साक्ष्य बताते हैं कि पृथ्वी पर जीवन लगभग _____________ से अस्तित्व में है.

3.5 million years/ मिलियन वर्ष
35 billion years/ बिलियन वर्ष
35 million years/ मिलियन वर्ष
3.5 billion years/ बिलियन वर्ष

The earliest undisputed evidence of life on Earth dates at least from 3.5 billion years ago,during the Eoarchean Era, after a geological crust started to solidify following the earlier molten Hadean Eon.

Q3. Hollywood is located in ______. हॉलीवुड ______ में स्थित है.

New Jersey/ न्यू जर्सी
Florida/ फ्लोरिडा
London/ लंडन
California/ कैलिफोर्निया

Hollywood is a city found in California, The United States Of America.

Q4. Which is the longest national highway in India? भारत में सबसे लंबा राष्ट्रीय राजमार्ग कौन सा है


NH 44 covers the North-South Corridor of NHDP and it is officially listed as running over 3,745 km (2,327 mi) from Srinagar to Kanyakumari. It is the longest national highway in India.

Q5. Which among the following is not a dwarf planet? निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा बौना ग्रह नहीं है?

Mars/ मंगल ग्रह

A dwarf planet is a planetary-mass object that is neither a planet nor a natural satellite.

Q6. Battle of Panipat was fought in the year 1526 between Babur and _________. पानीपत की लड़ाई वर्ष 1526 में बाबर और _________ के बीच लड़ी गई थी।

Rana Sanga/ राणा सांग
Muhammad Bin Tughlak/ मोहम्मद बिन तुगलक
Hemu/ हेमू
Ibrahim Lodi/ इब्राहिम लोदी

The First Battle of Panipat fought(1526), between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi.

Q7. When was Press Act passed in British India imposing strict censorship on publications ? ब्रिटिश भारत में प्रकाशनों पर सख्त सेंसरशिप लगाए जाने पर प्रेस अधिनियम कब पारित किया गया था?


The Press Act of 1910 was legislation promulgated in British India imposing strict censorship on all kinds of publications.

Q8. Pulitzer Prize was established in _______. पुलित्जर पुरस्कार _______ में स्थापित किया गया था.


The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature, and musical composition in the United States. It was established in 1917 by provisions in the will of American Joseph Pulitzer who had made his fortune as a newspaper publisher, and is administered by Columbia University in New York City.

Q9. An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion until and unless it is acted upon by an external force. This is Newton’s एक स्थिर वस्तु स्थिर अवस्था में रहेगी और एक गतिमान वस्तु गतिमान रहेगी जब तक कि उस पर कोई बाहरी बल कार्यरत नहीं किया जाता है. यह न्यूटन का कौन सा नियम है?

First law/ पहला नियम
Second law/ दूसरा नियम
Third law/ तीसरा नियम
Fourth law/ चौथा नियम

Newton’s First Law of Motion: I. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Q10. What will happen if an object is dropped from a height and there is no air resistance? क्या होता है यदि कोई वस्तु ऊंचाई से गिराई जाती है और कोई वायु प्रतिरोध नहीं होता है?

It will fall with a constant speed and acceleration/ यह एक स्थिर गति और त्वरण के साथ गिर जाएगी
Its acceleration will increase/ इसका त्वरण बढ़ जाएगा
Both speed and acceleration will increase/ गति और त्वरण दोनों बढ़ेगा
Its speed will increase/ इसकी गति में वृद्धि होगी

When air resistance acts, acceleration during a fall will be less than g because air resistance affects the motion of the falling objects by slowing it down. Air resistance depends on two important factors – the speed of the object and its surface area. Increasing the surface area of an object decreases its speed.


A cooperative for egg production / अंडा उत्पादन के लिए एक सहकारी
Regulated agricultural market / विनियमित कृषि बाजार
Farmer’s cooperative / किसान सहकारी
A quality guarantee stamp for agricultural commodities/ कृषि वस्तुओं के लिए एक गुणवत्ता गारंटी टिकट

AGMARK is a certification mark employed on agricultural products in India, assuring that they conform to a set of standards approved by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an agency of the Government of India.

Q12. Which day is the International Human Rights Day? अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानव अधिकार दिवस कब मनाया जाता है?

December 10th / 10 दिसंबर
October 24th / 24 अक्टूबर
November 25th / 25 नवंबर
11th July /11 जुलाई

Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world on 10 December every year. The date was chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation, on 10 December 1948, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the first global enunciation of human rights and one of the first major achievements of the new United Nations.

Q13. Booker prize is given to the field of : बुकर पुरस्कार किस क्षेत्र में दिया जाता है

Fiction writing / कथा लेखन
Poetry/ कविता
Drama / नाटक
Essay/ निबंध

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel, written in the English language and published in the UK.

Q14. ‘Syadvad’ and ‘ Anekantvad ‘ belongs to ‘सियादवाद’ और ‘अनिकांतवाद’ किससे संबंधित है

Jainism / जैन धर्म
Buddhism/ बुद्ध धर्म
Sikhism / सिख धर्म
Hinduism/ हिन्दू धर्म

Syadvad is not scepticism nor is it indecision; but it is the philosophy of seeing an individual or an object from various points of view; trying to understand them thus; and acquiring the right knowledge of those things. Anekantavada refers to the principles of pluralism and multiplicity of viewpoints, or vantage points, the notion that reality is perceived differently from diverse points of view, and that no single point of view is the complete truth, yet taken together they comprise the complete truth. It is one of the most important and fundamental doctrines of Jainism.

Q15. The famous Lagoon lake of India is: भारत की प्रसिद्ध लैगून झील है:

Dal Lake / डल झील
Chilka Lake/ चिल्का झील
Fatehpur sagar lake/ फतेहपुर सागर झील
Mansarover / मानसरोवर

Chilika lake is a brackish water lagoon, spread over the Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of Odisha state on the east coast of India, at the mouth of the Daya River, flowing into the Bay of Bengal, covering an area of over 1,100 km2.

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