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Important English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam 2017

Important English Questions for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam 2017_40.1

Dear Students, English section of all SSC Exams is very challenging. You need to mug up all the grammar rules, vocabulary and practice a lot of mock tests to score maximum marks. Today, in this English quiz we are providing questions based on cloze test and fill in the blanks Questions. Attempt this quiz, learn better and be prepared for the SSC CGL 2017 Exam.

Directions (1-5): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately in the context of the whole passage. Find the appropriate word in each case.

There are several tribes living in East Africa, but the most famous among them is the Massai tribe. The Massai are valiant fighters. They (1) the neighbouring tribes and carry (2) their cattle. Their neighbouring are (3) of them because of their (4) in war. The Kikuyu people (5) to the east of them have left a long strip of the forest as protection against their enemies.
(a) Disturb 
(b) Deceive
(c) Raid
(d) Sacrifice
(a) On
(b) Of
(c) Away
(d) Out
(a) Callous 
(b) Afraid
(c) Aware
(d) Careful
(a) Skill 
(b) Interest
(c) Knowledge
(d) Involvement
(a) Camping 
(b) Hiding
(c) Surviving
(d) Living
Directions (6-15): Pick out the most effective word from the given choices to fill in the blank to make complete sentences.
Q6. If you have sufficient physical energy, but feel dull, you need a movement pattern to __________ your life force.
(a) Spark
(b) Arrest
(c) Motivate
(d) Add
Q7. The impulses to move are __________ by the deepest reverberations in your body.
(a) Muted
(b) Triggered
(c) Sedated
(d) Contributed
Q8. Intuition is sharpened by learning how to __________ the information that resides within our brains and bodies.
(a) Encode
(b) Recode
(c) Decode
(d) Record
Q9. Awakening your intuition starts with a deep __________ of how your mind and body function as a harmonious unit.
(a) Correlation
(b) Appreciation
(c) Discussion
(d) Ambition
Q10. Here’s how to tell which state you’re in and which fitness activities best __________ your body’s needs.
(a) Satisfy
(b) Vouch
(c) Claim
(d) Address
Q11. Do I need expert advice, or is this well within my __________ to figure out and choose?
(a) Reach
(b) Structure
(c) Power
(d) Domain
Q12. Be careful with money, lest you should have __________ with your kith and kin.
(a) Understanding
(b) Quarrel
(c) Pleasure
(d) Enchantment
Q13. Some of our most successful prizes have been __________.
(a) Cruel
(b) Controversial
(c) Trivial
(d) Economical
Q14. The soldiers are required to observe total ————– of rules.
(a) complying  
(b) complied
(c) compliance  
(d) complies
Q15. We had followed her struggle, deeply __________ by her inner strength and stamina.
(a) Run down
(b) Agitated
(c) Impressed
(d) Help up

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