Directions (1-15): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer sheet.
Q1. Having no arguments to defend his point, the speaker began to beat about the bush.
(a) Wander across the world
(b) Speak in a haphazard manner
(c) Speak in a round-about manner
(d) Make use of relevant reference

Q2. They were offered six months’ rent in lieu of notice to vacate the building.

(a) In spite of
(b) In place of
(c) Despite
(d) In addition to
Q3. The reputed company is in the red due to the recession.
(a) Making money
(b) Losing money
(c) In danger
(d) Spending money
Q4. When the Principal was entering the class, all my friends quietly disappeared, leaving me alone to face the music.
(a) To listen to him
(b) To enter into the class
(c) To bear the criticism
(d) To listen to a favourable comment
Q5. The Kenyan team proved to be the dark horse in the ICC Word Cup Cricket.
(a) A strong intruder
(b) A skilled team
(c) The most powerful
(d) An unexpected winner
Q6. Yesterday in a collision between a truck and a car he had a close shave.
(a) Maintain cleanliness
(b) Remove the entire hair
(c) A narrow escape
(d) Close relations
Q7. The piece of parental property has created bad blood between the two brothers.
(a) Impure relation
(b) matched design
(c) Active fraternity
(d) Bad parentage
Q8. Since you couldn’t accept a timely warning, it’s no use repenting now. Why cry over spilled milk?
(a) laugh over irreparable loss
(b) To regret uselessly
(c) Cry usefully
(d) Feel good
Q9. After fifteen years of marriage she did not expect her husband to leave her in the lurch.
(a) Listen to her
(b) Provoke her
(c) Ignore her
(d) Desert her
Q10. Who are we to sit in judgement over not completing his homework.
(a) Lecture
(b) Criticize
(c) Speak
(d) Communicate
Q11. The teacher took me to task for not completing my homework.
(a) Gave me additional homework
(b) Punished me
(c) Took me to the principal
(d) Reduced my homework
Q12. Do not lose your head when faced with a difficult situation.
(a) Forget anything
(b) Neglect anything
(c) Panic
(d) Get jealous
Q13. When I entered the house everything was at sixes and sevens.
(a) A quarrel among six or seven people
(b) To have six or seven visitors at a time.
(c) In disorder or confusion.
(d) An unpleasant argument.
Q14. He was pulled up by the Director of the Company.
(a) Assaulted
(b) Dragged
(c) Reprimanded
(d) Cleared
Q15. The storm brought about great destruction in the valley.
(a) Invited
(b) Caused
(c) Succeeded
(d) Halted

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