ICMR Exam Analysis 2020-21: Check Detailed Exam Analysis

Indian Council of Medical Research has opened the vacancy to recruit 80 posts of ICMR Group B Assistants for which the examination was held on 3rd January 2021. ICMR conducted the exam to recruit candidates for Assistant (Grade B) posts. The exam was conducted in two shifts. In this article, we are proving a detailed analysis of ICMR 2021 for both shifts. ICMR will release the answer key of the exam conducted tentatively in the 3rd week of January.

ICMR Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern for the Written Exam is as Follows:-

  • The exam will be of Objective type.
  • Questions will be in the form of MCQs.
  • There will be 4 Sections in this Exam.
  • There will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
S.No. Subject No. of




Total Duration
1 General Intelligence 20 20 80 Minutes
2 General Awareness 20 20
3 Quantitative Aptitude

(Basic Arithmetic Skills)

20 20
4 English Language

(Basic Knowledge)

20 20

Indian Council of Medical Research Notice : 49,585 Candidates Applied for 80 Posts

Overall Difficulty Level Of ICMR 2021 Shift 1

Section Level
Mathematics Easy
Reasoning Easy-Moderate
English Easy-Moderate
General Awareness Easy-Moderate

Detailed Analysis of Mathematics:

Here we will discuss the topics from which the questions where asked in the examination :

  • Calculate the radius of circle.
  • Calculate the volume of a cylinder.
  • Partnership question. An investment ratio of 3 people was given and one person share was asked.
  • Time and work question.
  • A and B are 2points. Find the meeting point.
  • Marked price = 10%, Discount=20%.Calculate loss or profit.
  •  Calculate Simple Interest. P=4000 Rs., R=5% and for 2.5 years of period.

Detailed Analysis of Reasoning:

  • Series.
  • Counting figures of squares and triangles.
  • Classification
  • Syllogism
  • Matrix

Detailed Analysis of English:

  • Finding Error.
  • Verb
  • Preposition.
  • Antonyms.
  • Synonyms
  • One word for –

Detailed Analysis of General Awareness

  • 8-10 questions were asked about appointments, sports, noble prize-related.

Overall Difficulty Level Of ICMR 2021 Shift 2

Section Level
Mathematics Easy-Moderate
Reasoning Easy
English Easy
General Awareness Easy-Moderate

General Awareness Questions:

  • ICMR’s website related question was asked.
  • The former head of ICMR Saumya Swaminathan handling which posts?
  • 1965  Green Revolution related question.
  • During Online registration what were the criteria for uploading images?
  • A glass of water half filled, the perspective of the human being was asked.
  • 5 freedom fighters  identify image was given
  • Gadar Party was formed by whom?
  • What is the Corona Virus is considered?
  • What is a necessary step to save ourselves from COVID?
  • Corona Virus precautions related questions.
  • Kashmir’s Sufi Saint related question.
  • RTI Act related question.
  • Who forward guidelines for Corona Virus? Ans: World Health Organization. 
  • Shimla’s winter temperature.
  • Ethics related question.
  • Vishwanathan Anand related question.
  • Origin of Chess.
  • Dr. B. R. Ambedkar related question.
  • Bhagat Singh question.
  • Gandhiji said India Stays in Villages.
  • State and Capital related question.
  • Article 32 related question.
  • Farmer revolution related question. MSP full form.

Computers Question:

  • Function Keys F1 to F5. Match the following.
  • Shortcut Key for Undo.
  • What is used to complete the task on a computer?
  • What happens after pressing Shift + Delete.
  • In which computer application you will plot Graph? Ans: Ms. Excel
  • Shortcut for increasing font size in Ms word.
  • Question-related to window key.
  • Who funded the Internet in the x1960s?
  • What is Print Preview?

English Questions:

  • Passage-based question ( GDP and pandemic 4 questions)
  • Analogy question.
    Scientist:: Research
    Stenographer:: Transcribe

Mathematics Questions:

  • Image Question,i.e. Figure Series
  • Bar Graph and Pie Chart was given. The question was asked about it.
  • 35 students with an average age of 15 years and teachers age were 51 years. Calculate the total average.
  • 8 years ago Karan was 4times his son. After 8 years Karaqn will twice the age of his son. Calculate the present age of Karan.
  • Girls are 8times of Boys. A total number of students were asked.
  • Expenditure and Consumption related question.
  • Onion 45 Rs/kg after someday it was 90 Rs/kg. Calculate the percentage increase.
  • Bar Observation questions were asked. Which of the following statement is correct?
  • A person runs 100 mts in 14 seconds. Calculate the speed.
  • Karan runs 224 mts in 8 sec and Parul runs 224 mts in 7 sec. Who won by how many meters.
  • The smallest number is divisible by 12,15,20.
    a. 400

Reasoning Question:

Order Ranking (5 persons with profession were given and positions were asked)

This was the detailed questions which were asked in the ICMR on 3rd January 2021 in both shifts.