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How to stop wasting time and get back to studies?

How to stop wasting time and get back to studies?_40.1

Of all the problems in student life, time management is the most crucial one.

Every student is facing this problem these days. It is because with the passing times, the distractions have also increased. Social media, chats, lots of scrolling, television etc. are wasting a lot of student’s time.

What is even more panicking is that when we do such things, we do not even realize how fast the time flies. We think that we have just started using it and suddenly we see that hours have passed and we ain’t even aware how.!

Relatable, right?

We need to pay attention here. It is because such things steal our productivity from us. We waste the crucial hours of our life in such “not so important” things. These hours could have otherwise been used in our studies and could have helped us in qualifying any government examination.

If you want to stop wasting time and get back to studies, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to take control of your life. You have to analyze every second of your life in order to make sure it is used efficiently.

We are not saying that you should keep studying every time. You should definitely take some time out for fun. However what’s important is that you should know which activity is consuming what time.

Try to figure out the major activities of your life- like daily chores, food, entertainment, studies, family time, events, rest etc. and figure out how much time you devote to each of these tasks in a day.

Make a hierarchy of these tasks in accordance to your priority. Your goals will decide your priority list. For eg- if you are a government job aspirant, your top priority must be your studies! 

Then you should check whether most of your time is devoted to the top priority or not. This means as a government job aspirant, you must give most of your time to your studies. If things are not happening like that, there is something definitely wrong!

Thus it is important to introspect your time divisions. When you will start keeping a note, you will come to know that how your precious time is going wasted unnoticed in the activities that are not at all productive for your future. This realization will open up your eyes, maybe you will get shocked too. But this realization will make you more aware about your time wastage and help you fill the gaps.

Believe me, you can change your life with this short activity.

Time is precious and doesn’t return once wasted. Learn to value the time and time will reward you with lots of success. So start optimizing your time before it gets too late for you.

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