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How to overcome the fear of English language in SSC exams for Non-English background candidates?

Everyone has their own dreams regarding their educational dreams, career, and job. Some candidates start preparing from early childhood and some know it after graduation. The candidates living in the rural and semi-urban areas or the candidates having a non-English background will feel afraid for the examination held in the English language. They feel that the English language is the biggest problem they will face while preparing and appearing for the exam. But in the real English section of SSC exams is not that difficult. You can easily conquer success just by your determination and hard work. Practice is the key to learn it. All these abilities to change yourself are already inside you.YOu can learn whatever language you want just with your attitude and confidence.

In this article, we will help you to overcome this fear of the English Language for all kinds of cooperative exams including SSC. These are some simple tips following this will help you to boost your English knowledge and your confidence.

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Know the English Language

It is not difficult to learn, speak and write in English. There are some grammar, vocabulary, spellings, and much more. The candidates must know the basics to read and write in English. Practice all such things which you can for your improvement in the English language.


It is important to pronounce any word in exact pronunciation. There are lots of words which pronounce other than their spellings. There is some rule of pronunciation also. Start having conversations with your friends and family. Try to speak some words in English on daily basis. Be clear with the sounds ‘sh’, ‘ch’ etc. This will help you out in group discussions, the interview process. Try to generate confidence while speaking. Don’t hesitate. Try to avoid using unknown words.

Solve Exercises

Start solving the exercises daily which can help you to better your performance. Try to cover all types of questions daily. If you give enough time to error spotting, then it will help you in many areas. You will start analyzing correct sentence usage while reading as well. Solve cloze test, sentence completion by the elimination rule. Solve as much as you can and go through the detailed solution of that question whether it is right or wrong. The right will give you confidence and the wrong will give you knowledge.

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Reading Habit

It is a must to have a reading habit on a daily basis. Reading is the best way to go through the new words their pronunciation, synonym, antonym. Reading newspapers is the best thing to get expertise in English. The best way is to read novels, interesting stories, biographies, or anything which creates enthusiasm or craving for reading in your mind. When you will start reading such things, you will have an understanding of difficult words and phrases on your own. If you don’t understand, read the sentence once more, analyze it, and try to understand the theme of the passage and thinking of the author. For understanding English, you must think about it first.

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Watch Video with English Subtitles

When you watching you will not understand but by the time you will be used to it and you can also watch English movies you will get lots of English Learning from that. If you don’t understand, listen to it again and again. This will improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, and helps in solving Para-jumbles & reading comprehension.

Mock Tests

For any exam you are preparing mock test helps like blessings to the learner. Try to attempt just one mock test on a daily basis without fail. This will help you to understand your weakness and Strengths. Then start spending more on the weaker areas. Solve previous year’s papers. Plan a strategy to solve a paper. This will also improve your speed and accuracy.YOu can choose the sequence of attempting questions according to you. Begin with the sentence correction and fillers, para jumbles, sentence correction, and at last reading comprehension.

How to overcome the fear of English language in SSC exams for Non-English background candidates?_60.1

How to overcome the fear of English language in SSC exams for Non-English background candidates?_70.1

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