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How to make the best time-table and get success in any exam?

Michael Altshuler has rightly said “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

So here we are to tell you how to be a good pilot.

Success ultimately is the result of better time management techniques. If you are a government job aspirant, you need to be disciplined. Having a timetable is the first step towards getting disciplined.

Look at these 5 ways to make that best timetable for you that can help you achieve your targets.

Decide your goal – Before deciding on the timetable, it is important to decide your goal. You need to clearly define your targets. When you know your goal, you know what to prepare for. This leads you to the syllabus. Syllabus helps you plan the time as well as the right targets.

Know the deadlines – Keep the calendar handy. Mark the important dates, and know how much time you have at hand. This will help you visualize your timeline and will also keep you in a better position to plan your 24 hours.

Decide on the priorities – You have to decide on what is important. Make a priority list according to what is the most important and urgent task at hand, what can wait and what cannot. Do not mix various things at once. Take up one task at a time according to the priority list. This helps you become more efficient.

Block your dates for unavoidable situations – As a social being, it is tough to escape from the social events, family functions and also some unexpected emergencies. Always try to keep a room for them. You have to try your best to manage the professional and personal life. So for this you can at least block your dates for the long-known events that you know you cannot avoid. This will save you from last minute haphazard!

Follow it religiously – Once you have made your time table, the next thing required is to promise yourself to follow it religiously. Otherwise all your efforts go in vain. Moreover this step is the toughest one where most of the students fail. Believe us this is what makes all the difference.

So, all the very best for your upcoming exams! We wish you all the luck and success.

May you stick to your time table! :p

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