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How To Learn English For Govt. Exams?

How To Learn English For Govt. Exams?

English is considered as an important subject while appearing for all government job examinations. Whether it’s Banking exams or SSC exams, you must be thorough with the basics to ace the English section in the exams. But the point is how to learn English for government examinations? What must be your strategy to score high marks in the exam? We are highlighting the key points that should be kept in mind to learn English for all government job examinations.

Reading skills

The first step towards learning English is to improvise your reading skills. You must have the ability to read swiftly while appearing in the exam. To improve reading skills, here are the tips you can follow on a daily basis:

  • Reading newspapers like The Hindi, and Indian Express as it will help you in learning difficult paragraphs
  • Read Novels with a great story or you can also read from e-books available online. Try to understand the theme of the novel.
  • Watch English movies with subtitles. Note down the words that seem difficult and find their meanings.

General English and Grammer Rules

In order to ace the English section, your General English and Grammar must be strong. You must be clear if the sentence is grammatically correct or not. Here are some tips you can follow to improve general English:


Accuracy is a key factor in government job examinations. Do not guess the answers. Attempt only that question which you are sure of. To gain complete accuracy, practice quizzes especially on topics such as error detection, cloze test and antonym & Synonyms.


Understand the question and what it wants to interpret. Know about the basic idea behind the question.

  • In Reading comprehension, understand the theme of the passage and scan the questions first.
  • Don’t hurry while solving other types of questions. Understand the tone of the question and then apply your method to solve it.

Build your vocabulary

You must have a strong vocabulary as some words given in the options can be difficult to understand. Learn new words every day from various sources including their synonyms and antonyms. Make sure to learn the usage of words and formation of sentences.

Click here for the Vocabulary quiz

Use the Elimination Method

While answering the questions in the exam, you may come across a question where you are confused about the right answer. Try to use the elimination method in those questions.

  • Read the question and understand what it is asking.
  • Read the options
  • Check if the meaning of options is similar to each other.
  • Relate the options with the question
  • Eliminate the irrelevant options and find the answer.

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Practice Enough

Practice enough mock tests before the exam. Make it a habit to appear for a mock test daily to score full marks in the English section. You just need to follow some basic steps to score marks in the English language. Don’t panic and keep practising to increase your score.

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