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How to Crack SSC CGL 2017 Exam

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Dear Students, before we start, let’s share a story from The Mahabharat. 
“One day Guru Dronacharya decided to test his students- The PANDAVAS and The KAURAVAS. He set up a small wooden bird on a tree and asked them to hit it in one Single Shot. Yudhisthira, the eldest amongst them, was called up on first. Dronacharya asked him, “Yudhishthira, tell me what do you see there.” Yudhisthira replied, “I see a wooden bird, A branch, A tree and Leaves.” Dronacharya said, “Put your bow down and Go back. You can not hit the bird.” The next prince was called and Dronacharya asked the same questions. Every one of them gave the same answers and were sent back. Finally, it was Arjuna’s turn. Dronacharya asked Arjuna, “Arjuna, Tell me what do you see there.” Arjuna calmly replied, “GURUJI, I can see the eye of the bird.” “Are you sure there isn’t anything else?”, Dronacharya asked again. Arjuna said, “No. There is nothing, except the eye of the bird.” Pleased with his answer, Dronacharya permitted Arjuna to shoot. Arjuna shot at the eye of the wooden bird, as others looked on with amazement. Dronacharya then said, “THIS IS THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION. IF YOU KNOW YOUR GOALS, YOU WILL NEVER FAIL.” 

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So now let’s ask the pertinent question to all of you out there? Are you crystal clear about your GOAL? have you finally figured it out what you want to be? what kind of career/job you want? If the answer is yes, then half the battle is already won. 
“Well begun is half done” is a well-known Chinese proverb. Now since you’ve already decided what you wanna be, the next step is to plan it effectively and take the firm action to implement it. 
SSC CGL Pre 2017 exam will commence in the month of June/July 2017. You have 5 months to Crack SSC CGL pre-exam with the highest score possible. This highest score will give you an upper hand in the final selection. 
At SSC Adda we have started our SSC CGL 2017 Campaign on a high note. We post dedicated quizzes for all the subjects/topics that are asked in the SSC CGL exam. 
For General Awareness Sections, we’ll post the following quizzes:
1. Polity 2. History 3. General Science 4. Geography 5. Economy 6. Current Affairs- We post daily current affairs quiz. 3-4 Questions are asked from this section. 7. Notes- Facts, Figures for CGL 2017
For English Section, we post Hindu Word meaning Vocabulary for your overall understanding of English Language. You’ll get all the grammar rules and quizzes based on it. For Quant Sections, we’ll cover all the important topics with tricky approach and formulas. We post topic-wise quizzes for arithmetic and advanced math. 
For Reasoning Sections, we’ll post the following quizzes- Verbal/Non-Verbal, Previous Year Questions for all the topics so that you’ll have a fair idea about the syllabus and the nature of the exam. 
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We’re all set for SSC CGL 2017 exam. But the Big questions is- Are you willing to sacrifice everything and come out of your comfort zone to take the exam head on? 
Remember, THE HARDER YOU WORK, THE LUCKIER YOU GET.” If you persevered and continued your preparation without giving up, You’ll make through the exams. 
So, always keep in mind that your efforts and the knowledge acquired through your rigorous studies will never go in vain. Life will always reward you for your hard work, sooner or later. Only those who have Passion, Patience, and Perseverance, they’ll surely be a success in their respective fields. 
SSC AND BANKING exams are very competitive in nature, and they demand a lot of training(practice) in all the subjects. Once you’ve trained enough, You’ll have the last laugh. 
One exam tip for SSC CGL 2017 would be to first learn all the basics from NCERT books for all subjects. then practice the online mock tests. Practice quizzes on SSC adda. Remember, today’s competition is all about two things. SPEED AND ACCURACY. So from the beginning itself, maintain this Golden rule of speed and accuracy. 

At SSC Adda and Bankers Adda, we wish all our students all the very best and we’ll always keep our promise to Help and guide you through your success. 

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