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How To Conquer Your Fear Of English Language

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Dear Students, English Language Section can be easy as pie if your basics are clear. Sometimes, even those who can communicate very well in English, fail to perform to the best of their ability in competitive exams. There are a few habits that can help you develop a strong grip over the English Language and you can score fairly well in this section. A habit of reading an English Newspaper can actually do a good turn because it helps to build up a strong vocabulary, effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills. Rest depends on how hard you practice. You can listen to English speakers argue on a news channel or any other platform that you find interesting, talk to your family and friends on the phone in English, or gossip over coffee. Always prefer to watch the news in English, and English movies with or without subtitles. You can choose to read novels, English magazines, etc to brush up your grammar as well as vocabulary. These are all the easiest ways possible to improve your English and ace the English Language and  Comprehension Examination.

Many of you must be scared of grammar portion of English Language. Look, anyone can learn proper grammar, it’s only about the rules, memorizing them in a proficient manner and using them where they actually need to be used. But there is something more about learning a good English, yes, it’s about learning vocabulary, expressions and idioms.  Understanding what role a single word can play in a particular sentence, how it can be replaced by different phrases and how multiple clauses can be joined together made more complex sentence structures can really help you out in dealing with the questions that are asked in SSC CGL Tier II English Language and Comprehension. Learning vocabulary is really up to the individual aspirant and every aspirant has to find his or her own way of doing it. Newspapers do a good turn when it comes to working on your Vocabulary, but it’s not mandatory to read the newspapers only, you can choose to read your favorite novel or any other magazine that you love, as the excitement of knowing the things that you are crazy about would let you find the meanings of the difficult words, idioms or phrases that you would come across while reading them all. A newspaper has its own benefits in different ways, but when it comes to learning English, novels, magazines, movies and everything else serves the same purpose.
Another most important point to bear in mind is not to listen to what others say about you or your efficiency in the English Language. This fear of English grammar comes from such inexperienced people also, who themselves are afraid of it.  And this is what makes grammar portion seem like something hard, unpleasant and scary to you. Remember, grammar is what is going to help you use all the vocabulary that you are learning. So, don’t be scared of it, learn all the rules in a way that is the easiest to you. You can also refer to the rules of English grammar and Vocabulary that is available in the Study on SSCAdda.
And students, do not forget that practice can bring a significant change in one’s performance. Practicing with mocks helps you ace the original tests/examinations. You can identify what topics you are good at and where you lack. But that won’t work if you’re practicing incorrectly, and you will practice incorrectly if all you have to guide you is intuition. The correct way to practice is to have everything important about a particular topic all grasped, practicing with the topic wise quizzes available on sscadda as well as adda247 app, and giving an English Language and Comprehension Mock on a weekly basis. That will not only save your time while attempting the SSC CGL Tier II English Language Section Examination but also cement in a habit of finishing off the paper within the stipulated time, that will be really hard to shake later on.

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