History Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 and Railways, SSC CPO ,SSC CHSL.

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We are providing you a History Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 and Railways, SSC CPO ,SSC CHSL

1. The whole area of Harappan culture represents a-
a) circular area
b) square area
c) zigzag formation
d) triangular area
2. Which one of the following metals made its earliest appearance in India before any other place in the world?
a) Copper
b) Gold
c) Tin
d) Silver
3. Kharosthi script was derived from
a) Pictograph
b) Aramaic
c) Brahmani
d) Cuniform script
4. Garden as an integral part of building art was first introduced in India by
a) Babur
b) Humayun
c) Shah Jahan
d) Aurangzeb
5. The economic decay of the Mughal empire initially began during the reign of
a) Aurangzeb
b) Bahadur Shah I
c) Jahangir
d) Shah Jahan
6. The four division of society is explicitly mentioned in
a) Siksha
b) Pursa-Sukta
c) Yajurveda
d) Hiranyagarbha-Sukta
7. The capital of Qutab-Ud-Din Aibak was at
a) Lahore
b) Ajmer
c) Delhi
d) Agra
8. Harappa was excavated by
a)R. D Banerjee
b)Daya Ram Sahani
c)S. R. Rao
d)S.S Banerjee
9. Who was the founder of ‘Pala’ dynasty of Bengal?
10. What was the name of the last ruler of the ‘Bahmani Kingdom’.
a)Kalimullah Shah
d)Sikandar Shah


1. d
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. a
6. b
7. a
8. b
9. d
10. a

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