History Questions for SSC CHSL

Q1.Harappa is located on the bank of river:
(a) Indus
(b) Ravi
(c) Beas
(d) Sutlej

Q2.The local name of Mohenjodaro is:
(a) Mound of Living
(b) Mound of Survivor
(c) Mound of Dead
(d) Mound of Great
Q3.The site of Mohenjodaro is located on the bank of river:
(a) Ravi
(b) Beas
(c) Indus
(d) Sutlej
Q4.The site of Alamgirpur is located on the bank of river:
(a) Maskra
(b) Hindon
(c) Chinab
(d) Bhader
Q5.A ploughed field was discovered at:
(a) Harappa
(b) Mohenjodaro
(c) Kalibangan
(d) Lothal
Q6.Who wrote a book ‘Return of the Aryans’ ?
(a) Bhagavan Das Gidvani
(b) L.D. Kalla
(c) Avinash Chandra Das
(d) D.S. Trivedi
Q7.Who wrote a book “Mudrarakshasa”?
(c)Vishnu Sharma
(d)None of above
Q8.The Vedic river Vitasta has been identified with :
(a) Ravi
(b) Jhelum
(c) Chenab
(d) Beas
Q9.The Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to :
(a) Indra
(b) Aditi
(c) Gayatri
(d) Savitri
Q10.Who became the first follower of Mahavira?
(a) Jamali
(b) Yashoda
(c) Aanojja
(d) Trishala
Q11.Who was the author of Kalpsutra?
(a) Vasumitra
(b) Hemchandra
(c) Bhadrabahu
(d) Sthulbhadra
Q12.Who was the founder of Aajivak Sampradaya?
(a) Puran Kasyapa
(b) Makkali Gosala
(c) Aryadeva
(d) Ajit Keskamblin
Q13.The first Jain council was convened during the reign of
(a) Bimbisara
(b) Shisunaga
(c) Mahapadamnand
(d) Chandragupta Maurya
Q14.Who is believed by the Jainas to be the first Tirthankar?
(a) Rishabhadeva
(b) Mahavira
(c) Neminath
(d) Parshvanath
Q15.Which of the following places is associated with Jainism?
(a) Kapilvastu
(b) Pava
(c) Sarnath
(d) Sravasti

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