History Questions for SSC CHSL

Q1. ‘Ring fence’ is associated with.. 
(a) Henry Lawrence
(b) Dalhousie
(c) Warren Hastings
(d) Lord Hastings

Q2.The third Mysore war was fought?
(d)None of these

Q3.Who among the following governor-Generals created the covenanted Civil Service of India which later came to be known as the Indian civil service?
(a)Warren Hastings
(d)William Bentinck

Q4.By which one of the following Acts did the Governor General of Bengal became the Governor General of India ?
(a)The Charter Act of 1833
(b)The Pitt’s India Act
(c)The Regulating Act
(d)The Charter Act of 1793
Q5.Who among the following Viceroys became a victim of one of the convicts during his visit to the Andamans ?

Q6.Who discovered the sea route to India ?
(a)Vasco Da Gama
(d)Henry the Navigator

Q7.The first Satyagraha of Gandhiji for the cause of indigo farmers was observed at…
(b)Chauri Chaura

Q8. Raj Ballabh, Ghasiti Begum, Shaukat Jung were the arch foes of…
(a)Alivardi Khan
(c)Mir Qasim
(d)Nanda Kumar

Q9.Who termed Cripps proposal “A POST DATED CHEQUE IN A CRASHING BANKING “?
(a)BR Ambedkar
(b)Annie Besant
(c)Sardar Vallabbhai Patel
(d)Mahatma Gandhi

Q10.The third Anglo-Mysore came to an end with the treaty of..

Q11.The State of Jhansi was made a part of the British Empire in India through..
(a)Doctrine of Lapse
(b)Policy of Subsidiary Alliance
(c)War against Rani Laxmi Bai
(d)none of these

Q12.Where did the game of Chess originated?
(a) India 
(b) Persia
(c) Arabia 
(d) Europe

Q13.Which of the following is called The Bible of Tamil?
(a) Tolkappiyam 
(b) Silappadikaram
(c) Manimekalai 
(d) Kural

Q14.Which amongst the following is not a site of Indus Valley Civilization?
(a) Banawali 
(b) Rakhigarhi
(c) Hastinapur 
(d) Ropar

Q15.The Indus Valley Civilization was:
(a) Father base
(b) Mother base
(c) Same rights of mother and father
(d) None of these

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