History Questions for SSC CGL 2017

Q1.Marathas signed the treaty of Salbai in 1782 with the English at the instance of
(a) Peshwa 
(b) Gaekwar
(c) Sindhia 
(d) Holkar

Q2.Subsidiary alliance was implemented during the reign of
(a) Lord Cornwallis 
(b) Lord Wellesley
(c) Sir John Shore 
(d) Lord Auckland

Q3.Who among  the following has been called as a “Heaven Born General”?
(a) Francis Dupleix 
(b) Robert Clive
(c) Albuquerque 
(d) Lord Cornwallis

Q4.Who among the following had said, “God intended me to look upon all religions with one eye, that is why he took away the light from the
(a) Maharaja Dalip Singh
(b) Maharaja Sher Singh
(c) Maharaja Ranjeet Singh
(d) None of the above

Q5.Who among the following started the newspaper Shome Prakash?
(a) Dayanand Saraswati
(b) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(d) Akshay Kumar Datta

Q6.The leading light of the Renaissance Movement in India was
(a) Devendra Nath Tagore
(b) Keshav Chandra Sen
(c) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Q7.The Brahmo Samaj is based on the principle of
(a) Monotheism 
(b) Polytheism
(c) Atheism 
(d) Monism

Q8.Who among the following  formulated and implemented the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’?
(a) Lord Wellesley 
(b) Lord Clive
(c) Lord Hastings 
(d) Lord Dalhousie

Q9.Ram Mohan Roy was given the title of Raja by
(a) Lord William Bentinck
(b) Akbar II
(c) Followers of Brahma Samaj
(d) Intellectuals opposing the custom of Sati

Q10.Which one of the following is known as Mother of Indian Revolutionaries?
(a) Annie Besant 
(b) Sarojini Naidu
(c) Madam Cama 
(d) Usha Mehta

Q11.Which of the following regiment belongs to Mangal Pandey?
(a)34th Native Infantry
(b)36th Native Infantry
(c)35th Native Infantry
(d)37th Native Infantry

Q12.Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of the formation of the Indian National Congress?
(a) Lord Canning 
(b) Lord Curzon
(c) Lord Dufferin 
(d) Lord Dalhousie

Q13.Gopal Krishna Gokhale founded
(a) Poona Sarvajanik Sabha
(b) Bombay Presidency Association
(c) Servants of India Society
(d) Land Holders Society

Q14.Who is the author of the book “Conquest of Self”? 
(a) Aurobindo Ghosh 
(b) Rabindranath Tagore 
(c) Mahatma Gandhi 
(d) S Radhakrishnan 

Q15.Who among the following has authored the book ‘Hind Swaraj’? 
(a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
(b) Mahatma Gandhi 
(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale 
(d) MG Ranade

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