Sanyasi Revolt (1763 – 1800) – [Hindu]
  1. Region: Bengal
  2. Reason: Pilgrim tax
  3. Note: Anandmath (Bankim Chandra Chatterjee): Description about the revolt of Sanyasi.

Fakir Revolt (1776 – 77) – [Muslim]
  1. Region: Bengal
  2. Leader: Majnu shah and Chirag Ali
  3. Reason: Religious

Wahabi Movement (1830 – 1860) – [Muslim]
  1. Region: Sitana [North west Frontier Province] (Pakistan)
  2. : Patna (India)
  3. Anti-British and anti-Sikh movement
  4. Leader: Saiyad Ahmad Barelabi
  5. Objective: Convert Dar-ul-herb in Dar-ul-Islam

  Kuka movement (1840 – 72) – [Sikh]
  1. Region: Punjab
  2. Founder: Bhagat Jawhar Mal aka Sian Sahib.
  3. Later his disciples Balak Singh and Ram Singh carried forward the movement.
  4. Headquarter: Hazara (NWFP)
  5. Objective: To eradicate the evils which are present in Sikh Religion. And wanted to throw away the British and restore Sikh Sovereignty over Punjab.

 Ahom movement (1818 – 1833)
  1. Region: Assam [Old name – Ahom]
  2. Leader: Kunwar Gomdhan 
  3. Reason: Britishers included the Ahom state in his state.

Pagalpanthi movement (1813 – 31)
  1. Pagalpanthi – A religious community – Karam shah follower Tipu Shah
  2. Region: Bengal
  3. Reason: Exploitation of peasants by landlords and Britishers

Santhal movement (1855 – 56)
  1. Region: Damne Koh (Bihar + Jharkhand)
  2. Leader: Sidhu and Kanhu
  3. Reason: Exploitation of peasants by landlords

 Munda movement or Ulughani movement (1895 – 1901)
  1. Leader: Birsa Munda ( His portrait hangs in the Central Hall of the Indian parliament, the only tribal leader to have been so honored)
  2. Region: Chota Nagpur
  3. Reason: Prohibition/Closing of collective agriculture

 Koal movement (1829 – 39, 1844 – 48)
  1. Leader: Buddha Bhagal
  2. Region: Chota Nagpur
  3. Reason: Prohibition on making of wine by Koal tribe and Interference by other’s in koal’s social – economic system.

 Khasi movement (1828 – 33)
  1. Leader: Teerath Singh
  2. Region: Meghalaya
  3. Reason: Construction of road in the area of khasi’s people.

 Rampa movement (1879 – 80)
Leader: Alluri Sita Rama Raju 
Region: Andhra
Reason: To fight against the new forest rule and exploitation by landlords
 Diwan Velathampi Revolt (1805)
  1. Leader: Dalawa Velu Thampi
  2. Region: Travancore
  3. Reason: By force – sign – subsidiary alliance

 Poligar movement (1799 – 1801)
Leader: Kattvaman

Region: Tamilnadu



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