Hindu Word Meaning for SSC CGL 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL

Meaning: rob a (place) using violence, especially in wartime.
Synonym: robbery, robbing, raiding, 
Sentence: “the abbey was plundered and pillaged”

Meaning: the most successful point; the culmination.
Synonym: apex, vertex, zenith, apogee,
Sentence: “he had reached the pinnacle of his career”

Meaning: having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour., pleasantly stimulating or exciting to the mind.
Synonym: intriguing, stimulating, interesting, fascinating,
Antonym: bland, insipid, dull
Sentence: “a piquant tartare sauce”

Meaning: a very small or inadequate amount of money.
Synonym: a very small amount, a tiny amount, an insufficient amount, next to nothing, very little;
Sentence: “he paid his workers a pittance”

Meaning: make (someone) less angry or hostile.
Synonym: appease, assuage, conciliate,
Antonym: aggravate, annoy, antagonize, bother,
Sentence: “they attempted to placate the students with promises”

Meaning: not easily upset or excited., calm and peaceful, with little movement or activity.
Synonym: even-tempered, calm, equable, tranquil, imperturbable,
Antonym: excitable, temperamental
Sentence: “a placid, contented man”

Meaning: take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own.
Synonym: infringe the copyright of, pirate, steal, poach, borrow,
Sentence: “he was fined $6,000 for having plagiarized the song”

Meaning: sounding sad and mournful.
Synonym: mournful, sad, wistful, doleful, pathetic, pitiful, piteous, melancholy,
Antonym: delighted, exulting, glorying, happy, joyful, rejoicing, triumphant;
Sentence: “a plaintive cry”

Meaning: (of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.
Synonym: utopian, ideal, idealistic
Antonym: physical
Sentence: “their relationship is purely platonic”

10. plauditory
Meaning: a sudden feeling of annoyance or anger when someone has offended you
Sentence: He slammed the door in a fit of pique.

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