Hindu Word Meaning for SSC CGl 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL

1. Thump
•Meaning: it hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument
•Synonym: defend, espouse, patronize
•Antonym: forsake, be against, oppose
•Sentence:Drake brought down his fist with a thump on to the mantelpiece.

2. Cajole
•Meaning: Influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
•Synonym: deceive, wheedle, tantalize
•Antonym: repulse, dissuade, bully
•Sentence:She tried to argue, to cajole, and to appear defiant, but all was useless

3. Amity
•Meaning:A state of friendship and cordiality
•Synonym:amicableness, concord, comity
•Antonym:aloofness, hostility, discord
•Sentence:Did not I make to your leader all the signs of amity and goodwill

4. Irk
•Meaning:Irritate or vex
•Synonym:annoy, fret, abrade
•Antonym:delight, aid, appease
•Sentence:It irks me that we lost the suit

5. Perversion
•Meaning:A curve that reverses the direction of something; An aberrant sexual practice
•Synonym: anomaly, immortality, debauchery
•Antonym: conformity, regularity, normality
•Sentence:the tendrils of the plant exhibited perversion

6. Supplant
•Meaning:Take the place or move into the position of
•Synonym: overthrow, expel, supersede
•Antonym: surrender, keep, permit
•Sentence:The computer has supplanted the slide rule

7. Encryption 
•Meaning: The activity of converting data or information into code
•Synonym: encoding, cipher, cryptograph
•Antonym: decoding
•Sentence:Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it’s pretty reliable.

8. Paring
•Meaning:Decrease gradually or bit by bit
•Synonym:scrape, skive, decorticate
•Antonym: expand, squander, raise
•Sentence:She could peel an apple with a single long paring

9. Clamour
•Meaning: Compel someone to do something by insistent clamouring
•Synonym:agitation, discord, upheaval
•Antonym: calm, harmony, agreement
•Sentence:In a few minutes the tumult of the advancing army was increased tenfold by the clamour of the city pouring out to meet it

•Meaning: Earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
•Synonym: exertion, travail, whack
•Antonym:idleness, passivity, laziness
•Sentence:A moment of this endeavour only showed me that my pursuer was gaining.

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