Hindu Word Meaning for SSC CGL 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL

Meaning:entertain or amuse (someone) with talk.
Synonym:entertain, amuse, divert, delight, fascinate
Antonym:anger, annoy, bore, dull, tire, upset
Sentence: “he regaled her with a colourful account of that afternoon’s meeting”

Meaning:repay (a person who has spent or lost money).
Synonym:compensate, recompense, refund
Sentence: “the investors should be reimbursed for their losses”

Meaning:say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.
Synonym:repeat, say again, restate, retell, recapitulate
Sentence: “she reiterated that the government would remain steadfast in its support”

Meaning:make (someone or something) look or feel better, younger, or more vital.
Synonym:revive, revitalize, renew, regenerate, restore, 
Antonym: extinguish, kill, quench, suppress
Sentence: “a bid to rejuvenate the town centre”

Meaning:assign an inferior rank or position to.
Synonym:downgrade, lower,
Antonym:upgrade, promote
Sentence: “they aim to prevent women from being relegated to a secondary role”

Meaning:voluntarily cease to keep or claim; give up.
Antonym:keep, retain, continue
Sentence: “he relinquished his managerial role to become chief executive”

Meaning:a story told about a past event remembered by the narrator.
Synonym: memories, recollections
Sentence: “his reminiscences of his early days in Parliament”

Meaning:deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.
Synonym:contrition, deep regret, repentance, penitence
Sentence: “they were filled with remorse and shame”

Meaning:a meeting at an agreed time and place.
Synonym:meeting, appointment, engagement, assignation;
Sentence: “Edward turned up late for their rendezvous”

Meaning:a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
Synonym:traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat,
Sentence: “an agent who later turns out to be a renegade”

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