Hindu Word Meaning for SSC CGl 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL

1. Impending
•Meaning: Close in time; about to occur
•Synonym: brewing, looming, portending
•Antonym: distant, remote, never
•Sentence:”I feel as if some misfortune were impending over us,” said his mother, and she shivered apprehensively.

2. Catastrophic
•Meaning: Extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin
•Synonym: calamitous, disastrous, ruinous
•Antonym: advantageous, fortunate, blessed
•Sentence:Catastrophic noises resounded in the loft; volcanoes seemed to romp upon the stairway.

3. Tout
•Meaning: One who sells advice about gambling or speculation
•Synonym: proclaim, trumpet, publicize
•Antonym: blame, conceal, condemn
•Sentence:You thought Elisha could win—and you went and touted me on to the other one

4. Elocution
•Meaning: An expert manner of speaking involving control of voice and gesture
•Synonym: declamation, enunciation, oratory
•Antonym: in articulation, silence, quiet
•Sentence:Lafontaine had conviction and self-assurance, but his elocution was very bad for poetry

5. Gutted
•Meaning: Empty completely; destroy the inside of
•Synonym: decimate, eviscerate, exenterate
•Antonym: protect, fill
•Sentence:We gutted six Russian and four American rockets filled with treasure.

6. Stomped
•Meaning: Walk noisily, heavily or angrily
•Synonym: barge, hobble, lumber
•Antonym: tiptoe
•Sentence:The men stomped through the snow in their heavy boots

7. Benevolence
•Meaning: An inclination to do kind or charitable acts
•Synonym: altruism, generosity, amity
•Antonym: cruelty, malevolence, animosity
•Sentence:On the contrary, this was his friend who had fed him, and he regarded him with benevolence.

8. Potent
•Meaning: Having great influence
•Synonym: compelling, trenchant, persuasive
•Antonym: fragile, insignificant, infirm
•Sentence:Every tender emotion of love is a prayer, pure and potent, for a higher life.

9. Rife
•Meaning: Excessively abundant; Most frequent
•Synonym: plentiful, profuse, teeming
•Antonym: limited, scarce, uncommon
•Sentence:Political questions were not rife —indeed were scarcely known among us.

•Meaning: derive by reason
•Synonym: fetch, evince, badger
•Antonym: cover, repress, placate
•Sentence:With what authority do we elicit respect and obedience from our little people!

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