Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary for SSC CGL 2017

Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary for SSC CGL
Hello, Greetings!! SSC CGL Pre 2017 will commence in the month of June/July 2017. In order to help and guide all of you, we’re going to post VOCABULARY BASED ON THE HINDU NEWSPAPER. In all the competitive exams, Vocabulary questions are asked from newspapers.

1.Redundant: repeating something else and therefore unnecessary
Synonym: excess, extra, spare, supererogatory, superfluous,
Sentence: He edited the paper and removed any redundant information or statements.

2.Cajole: to persuade someone to do something or to give you something by making promises or saying nice things
Synonym: sweet-talk, coax
sentence: He cajoled me into accompanying him.

3.Brazen: acting or done in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment
Synonym: audacious, bold, bold-faced, brash,
sentence: He exhibited a brazen disregard for other people’s feelings.

4.Harbinger: something that shows what is coming
Synonym: angel, foregoer, forerunner, herald, precursor
sentence: her father’s successful job interview was seen as a harbinger of better times to come.

5.Parochial: of or relating to a church parish and the area around it. limited to only the things that affect your local area
Synonym: illiberal, Lilliputian, little, narrow-minded,
sentence: voters worried about their own parochial concerns.

6.Sanguine: confident and hopeful, eager for or marked by the shedding of blood, extreme violence, or killing 
Synonym: bloody-minded, homicidal, murdering,
sentence: the Civil War remains America’s most sanguine conflict

7.Egalitarian: aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for all people
Synonym: democrat, leveler 
sentence: egalitarian policies for the redistribution of wealth

8.Gregarious: enjoying the company of other people
Synonym: companionable, extroverted, outgoing, sociable,
sentence: She is outgoing and gregarious.

9.Enigma:  someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain
Synonym: conundrum, mystery,
sentence: To his friends, he was always something of an enigma.

10.Lecherous: having or showing an excessive or disgusting interest in sex
Synonym: lascivious, lustful, lewd,
sentence:<most of the male patrons at the bar appeared to be lecherous conventioneers looking for some action.

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