HINDU Newspaper Vocabulary for All SSC Exams 2016-17

vocabulary for SSC Exam
Meaning: lacking restraint in spending money or using resources.
Synonym: spendthrift, profligate, unthrifty
Antonym: cheap, thrifty
Sentence: “it was rather extravagant to buy both”

Meaning: relevant or applicable to a particular matter; apposite.
Synonym: relevant, to the point
Antonym: irrelevant, inappropriateSentence:”she asked me a lot of very pertinent questions”

Meaning: (especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand.
Synonym: scanty, meagre, sparse
Antonym: plentiful, abundant
Sentence: “as raw materials became scarce, synthetics were developed”

Meaning: take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force.
Synonym: seize, take over, expropriate,
Antonym: release, relinquish 
Sentence: “Richard usurped the throne”

Meaning: eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.
Synonym: combative, aggressive, antagonistic,
Antonym: peaceable, friendly
Sentence: “the increasingly pugnacious demeanour of right-wing politicians”

Meaning: a person who collects or has a great love of books
Synonym: book lover, bookworm
Sentence: John is a bibliophile.

Meaning: taking place every other year, an event celebrated or taking place every two years
Sentence: “the top antiques fairs are the Milan and Florence biennials”

Meaning: sacrilegious against God or sacred things; profane.
Synonym: irreligious, irreverent, impious, ungodly,
Antonym: reverent
Sentence: “blasphemous and heretical talk”

Meaning: surround (a place) with armed forces in order to capture it or force its surrender.
Synonym: beleaguer, blockade, surround
Antonym: release, relieve, reprieve; comfort, console,
Sentence: “she spent the whole day besieged by newsmen”

Meaning:(of a person’s voice or other sound) imposingly deep and full.
Synonym:deep, clear, mellow, mellifluous, melodious, full-toned,
Antonym:serene, soothing, tranquil;
Sentence:”he read aloud with a sonorous and musical voice”

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