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The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary for IB ACIO Exam 2017

The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary for IB ACIO Exam 2017_40.1

Dear students, English language is the flavor of the millennium. In every aspect of life, we need great English language skills to stand out and be a success in your chosen field. In your competitive Exams for govt. jobs, English section is the most challenging. The best way to improve your language skills is by Reading newspapers. We are providing 10 vocabulary words from The Hindu Newspaper Editorial. Read and learn.

1.Infirmity (noun)

Meaning: physical or mental weakness.
Synonyms: frailty, weakness, feebleness, enfeeblement, delicacy, fragility, debility, debilitation, decrepitude, disability, impairment.
Example: BRICS suffers from other infirmities as well. Brazil and South Africa are increasingly becoming peripheral to BRICS’ aims and objectives. Russia is currently more preoccupied with establishing its supremacy in Eurasia, and its interest in BRICS is not of the same order as in the past. This leaves only India, and limits the scope of BRICS to issues and regions such as Afghanistan that have featured in previous BRICS meetings.
2.Vexatious (adjective)
Meaning: causing or tending to cause annoyance, frustration, or worry.
Synonyms: annoying, vexing, irritating, irksome, displeasing, infuriating, maddening, exasperating, provoking, galling, rankling, grating, jarring, harassing, harrying, bothersome, tiresome, troublesome, niggling. 
Example: Evidently, the China-centric world view will continue to prevail. For the moment, China is anxious to maintain peace on its border with India, as China has lately been sensing opposition to its policies from many other countries, apart from a host of problems in its neighbourhood. In totality, these could undermine the Chinese Dream of Mr. Xi. North Korea is perhaps the most vexatious of the problems, one that is happening on China’s doorstep. Smaller countries of Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, and even Singapore and Vietnam, are signalling opposition to China’s restrictions on rites of maritime passage and freedom of navigation in the seas around China.
3.Periphery (noun)
Meaning: the outer limits or edge of an area or object.
Synonyms: edge, outer edge, margin, fringe, boundary, border, perimeter, circumference, rim, verge, borderline.
Example: China also faces an ever widening arc of threats from terrorists of different categories such as the ETIM, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Uighur separatists to its West. With the critical 19th Party Congress set to take place soon, peace and tranquillity on its periphery has thus become an imperative necessity.
4.Partisan (noun)
Meaning: a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.
Synonyms: supporter, follower, adherent, devotee, champion, backer, upholder, promoter, fanatic, fan, enthusiast, stalwart, zealot, disciple, votary.
Example: The disqualification of 18 dissident AIADMK legislators by the Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker is a partisan decision aimed at securing a majority for the seven-month-old Edappadi K. Palaniswami government after a rebellion reduced it to a minority. The Speaker’s ruling comes at a time when there is an increasingly indefensible reluctance on the part of the Governor, Ch. Vidyasagar Rao, to order a floor test. 
5.Endorsement (noun)
Meaning: the action of endorsing someone or something.
Synonyms: support, backing, approval, seal of approval, agreement, acceptance, recommendation, advocacy, championship, patronage.
Example: Over the last year, barely a week has gone by without a regulator announcing new measures to help resolve India’s problem of large and mounting non-performing loans/assets, or NPAs. These announcements are usually accompanied by endorsements from the government, as determined reminders that the resolution of the NPA problem is on the top of the government’s mind. Then why does India’s war on NPAs seem intractable? And why have Indian regulators not yet resolved a case that can be showcased as an example of what the recent regulatory measures can achieve?
6.Siege (noun)
Meaning: a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling those inside to surrender.
Synonyms: blockade, beleaguerment, encirclement; 
Example: The city of Marawi in the south of the Philippines has been engulfed by a deadly, ongoing siege since late May, when government forces began to take on heavily armed militants linked to the Islamic State. Local media estimate the death toll to be above 300. Over 200,000 residents have  fled what has effectively become an urban battlefield.
7.Obscure (adjective)
Meaning: not discovered or known about; uncertain.
Synonyms: unclear, uncertain, unknown, in doubt, doubtful, dubious, mysterious, hazy, vague, indeterminate, concealed, hidden
Example: The forthcoming election to the post of the President of India has produced a lot of debate: is Kovind more obscure than Pratibha Patil was, when announced as a candidate? Is this just your Dalit vs mine, or is the Opposition justified in putting up a contest on ideological grounds?
8.Incapacitated (adjective)
Meaning: deprived of strength or power; debilitated.
Example: The V-P holds the second-highest constitutional post, after the President. In case the latter dies, or is incapacitated, or impeached, the V-P takes over as President.
9.Agility (noun)
Meaning: ability to move quickly and easily., ability to think and understand quickly. 
Example: Saina Nehwal won an Olympic bronze in 2012; P V Sindhu bagged a silver in 2016. Much of the credit goes to Gopichand, who insists on the most modern and demanding training to maximise speed, agility and endurance in his academy. It is rare to find a coach with his discipline, doggedness and eye for talent. 
10.Galvanize (verb)
Meaning: shock or excite (someone) into taking action.
Synonyms: jolt, shock, startle, impel, stir, spur, prod, urge, motivate, stimulate, electrify, excite, 
Example: India’s 1983 World Cup cricket victory in England, its first, galvanised a nation. Sponsorships and other income is huge, training is top notch. With its current performances, badminton should get that sort of eyeballs and funding. This could be the beginning of a smash hit for Indian badminton.

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